Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Got back to the yard around 12:15 am last night.  Got out of there at almost 1 - a lot to do to get out of there including turning in a lot of paperwork, which I have to double check to make sure it's correct. Get home around 1:40, dogs in tow.  Yes, I went and got my dogs that late, Maria said it would be no problem so there ya go.  Slept 5 hours and then off to the races.  The bank with a bunch of cash - the bank is not allowing anyone inside.  Starbucks for Taylor,,, she wanted an iced whatever. Over there with that drink, then to Schlotzky's - the doors are still open, you can go inside, you just can't sit down to eat in there.  Then to Kroger's, where I found a lot more stuff than what has been "normal" Still zero toilet paper tho.  When I say none, I mean, NONE. 

But we have enough tp now, all 3 of us have gone on missions to find it and at least have enough for maybe a month and a half or so.  However, there was PLENTY of pasta, that had been all gone, so i stocked up on that and various dried goods.  Enough to make me think our pantry is at least on it's way.  But, before I put that stuff in there, I need to check dates on existing stuff and chuck what is beyond expiration. 

Meanwhile, the loading plant. The first load today?  He got on the group text and said they weren't loading, something wrong with the pump. that was like 6:30 am. It's now 1:50 pm and they still haven't fixed their pump. This problem has been going on for months and months now. They need to replace the damned thing, but they're trying to nickle and dime everything.  I get it: it's a million dollar pump. It's also over 40 years old. So now they are sending the trucks that are there back to the yard.  Well, I know I won't be getting a run tomorrow. All the stuff today will have to be loaded before they can move forward with more loads. And they have to fix the freaking thing before anything is going to get loaded.

So, if this goes on for a while, I'm going to ask yet again about going to Austin to get the railroad card.  LNG is up and down, but when it's up, they can't keep up with the demand. 

I took my temp a little while ago. 97.8. I had to look that up, seems low, but the range for normal starts at 97.7 from what I found.  So it's fine. The least I can do before anyone gets home today was to wash up, clean my hands thoroughly before preparing dinner and check my temperature.  It could all be futile in the end, but I've also been engaging in social distancing - to the extreme. I stay away from people in truck stops as far as possible. 

All that driving yesterday for naught. They needed that trailer back for a load this morning - second load to be precise.  Not that it's a bad thing I got back even if late.  Roads are veritably deserted.  I mean, there is very little traffic out there anywhere, even Houston at 7:30 pm on a monday night there was hardly any traffic at all.  So much so I was able to take the 610 west loop instead of going all the way around on the Beltway 8. 

Meanwhile, my GE stock is up again.  Not much, but it is up.  The Dow Jones is down, but not over a 1,000 points down. 

Our town is now subjected to shelter in place rules.  Okee dokee.  I'm not sure I had plans to go anywhere tomorrow anyway.  Restaurants? No, curbside service.  Bars?  Nope.  Movies? Nope.  Can you even fly in the states now?  No clue.  Plenty I can do around here if I go stir crazy. 

Whatever the case, this one is done. 

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