Wednesday, April 1, 2020

So we're on lockdown.
What to do today.
Well, smoking a brisket or nice meat sounds good.
But it means I'd have to go to the store.
There is no ban on going to the store, it's just risky as far as I'm concerned.
A teenager working at Kroger's yesterday was coughing all over the place.
No, he was not covering his mouth.
I got the hell away from him, whatever he has I don't want it regardless of
whether it's this virus or not. I cannot understand how people can be
sneezing and coughing in public and not at least try to cover their mouths.
I might go tho, a nice brisket sounds really good.

Meanwhile, the lady at the other house.  They finally found family members
somewhere in Illinois.  The hospital warning they were going to convene and
ethics committee pretty much told the story.  Guessing, sure, but probably a
good guess: someone has to make the decision to take her off the ventilator.
Presumably, when that happens, she dies.  A rather gruesome and sad prospect.
This lady just moved in there.  I'ma lose some money on that house over there
this month - just turned the 1st of April.  Don't disparage me for thinking about
money in such a situation, I'm the one holding the bag for that place when
something goes foul with it.  Really would like to find a way to get Maria
out of that house and into something to live in that doesn't cost me anything.

Such as a travel trailer on the property.  I doubt it's legal here tho.  Most cities
have ordinances against such things.  Just another reason I'd like to be living
in the county, outside of the city.  They mostly don't care what you do out
in the country, keep it to yourself. Hunting, shooting, fishing, living arrangements.

Unless I took out a loan, the prospect of getting land is well out of reach right  now.
Well, I mean there are things I could do but those considerations are at least for now,
off the table. My consideration to take out a loan is rather dampened with this virus
running around messing with the economy and the fact that I already have 2 small
loans going which were intended to pay off credit card debt - which they are.  But
I don't think it's a good time to be getting into another loan.

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