Monday, April 6, 2020

Back. This Oklahoma trip was actually worth something for I had to spend the night up there waiting on an empty trailer.  13 hours of detention pay almost doubles the money the run is otherwise worth.  I was actually relieved when I pulled up to the plant and saw two trailers at the rack and zero trailers where they put the empties. They don't unload trailers at night there.

  I don't mind spending the night in their parking lot. I have food, a convenience store across the street and no one bothers anyone out there.  Police sometimes stare from across the street for unknown reasons, maybe they're bored. It's a very small town I can't imagine they get much action there.

To look at that plant, however, you wouldn't know that the economy is basically diving, people aren't working and staying home and that our nation is in a shelter-in-place verdict from state governors.  They are going through that Ethylene like there's no tomorrow.  Whether it continues on that way remains to be seen. But the Brownsville run is also functioning normally, they haven't slowed down production one bit.  They shut down a lot due to problems with their plant, but that's normal for them. 

I dunno about you, but we are pretty well stocked with food.  I just keep buying small quantities of this and that whenever I go to the store. Rice here, beans there, canned food over there.  I could stand another 50 cans of canned goods.  Now, before you call me a hoarder, I've been doing this for many years now.  Stock up, eat the stuff that gets close to expiration - or - eat all of it over a period of a few months or longer - and then replace all of it with fresh.  The freezers are full to the brim.  We are good for a while. Except toilet paper lol. I'd love to get my hands on a 24 or 30 roll pack and then not have to worry about that for quite a while.  We actually found rolls of paper towels.

So yes, I went to the grocery store today and stopped at a drive thru of a local restaurant to support my local community.  Half the town is wearing masks. Of course, there are no masks to buy anywhere, so I dunno if they already had some on hand or scored before they went to unavailable status, but I saw plenty of people with the highly coveted N95 masks that actually stop the virus from getting through the filter. 

Whatever the case, I'm stuck at home the rest of the day. There are things I'd like to do, but one thing I'd like not to do is get that virus. 

Haven't heard from the manager yet. I wouldn't mind another day off so I'm not contacting her today.  There were plenty of trucks in the yard yesterday so I might get my wish. 

I'm spending more time in the Word.  That wasn't virus initiated, I've had my mind on the Lord quite a lot lately.  Feeling like I'm missing something, I can only search the Word and seek the Lord for answers. 

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