Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Obviously I don't think a 300 pound man should be assaulting a small, older woman.  But in this case, she says things when she gets unhappy with her living situation - which happens everywhere she goes - that piss the people it's directed at off.  And she does it constantly once she gets into that mode.  I'm referring to Rene and I predicted that eventually, her newest living situation would go south and sure enough, it did.  The dude allegedly tackled her and she showed a pic of a scratch on her neck.

So, she got her own place. Likely she went through HUD to get public assistance for rent or perhaps a housing project.  I'm not sure since I didn't press her on that, but she has it dressed up nicely and I am happy for her that she finally has her own place.  She does not, however, have anyone to blame once she gets mad about...wait.  Of course. There are people living next to her and there is management.  So, that will break down eventually as well. She'll start calling the police on neighbors.  How do you know this? Because I lived with her for 2 years, another year plus in the other house and on the receiving end of her angst not-to-mention watching her go off on other people.

I have no idea why a person would like to live in a self-fabricated, perpetual, miserable state of being, but that's their choice.  Some situations need addressing, sure.  But it's how you deal with it that makes the difference. For example, the boy next door starts this nonsense with revving up his engine and cranking his truck around corners in the circle in the neighborhood, making all kinds of noise? I either say nothing or I just politely ask my neighbor to please tell him to stop.  Once you make enemies out of your neighbors, life isn't going to be pleasant living there.  Been there, done that, tho my circumstances had been going on for years and I had nicely asked the neighbors to deal with their cats - for years. I'm referring to my house in Phoenix.  That turned into a full blown war with neighbors. I still don't regret that, for they laughed at me asking them to please deal with their cats.  They thought it was funny the cats were shitting all over my property, destroying plants and making a nuisance of themselves. I eventually told them all if they didn't do something about their cats - especially the idea of feeding ferrel cats and attracting more and more of them to the neighborhood, I was going to deal with it myself.

They weren't laughing then, but they wouldn't change anything and I eventually started catching those cats in a cage, putting them in the car and releasing them elsewhere.  I never hurt any of them or killing them, as I was accused of doing. I don't hate cats, but this was 30, 35 even 40 of them and the neighbor behind me had huge piles of cat shit laying all over his property, the smell was nauseating and it was attracting a lot of bugs and flies.  That whole scenario changed with mark and lynnette taking over there and me moving.  They just tolerate it.  I couldn't.  I like being outside and enjoying my property. Kind of hard to do with the smell of cat urine and poop in your nostrils.

Whatever the case, Rene has been doing this with the people she lives with and neighbors for all the 4 or more years I have known her and I have no reason to believe that in her newest living accommodations she will do anything different.

That was yesterday/Monday.

Today is a nothing day.
Well at least as in going to any shopping stores, save a local restaurant that just reopened in another part of town.  I went through the drive-thru, got my order and left.  Never went inside, never got out of the vehicle.  Again, I am not going out of my way - at least for now - to find toilet paper.  If I happen to be in a store I'll look.  There is a local facebook group that is giving alerts to whenever they find it anywhere - but by the time anyone else gets there, it is already gone.  Even with strict limits on how many you can buy - which is usually only one package now - it all disappears quickly. 

So today is a clean my room day including washing all dog bedding, human bedding, clothing, vacuuming, etc etc etc.  Taylor is home today as well - teleworking.  She has plenty she can do on the computer without having to go into work, the company she works for apparently is finally coming around to the idea that perhaps we should at least practice as much "social distancing" as possible.  I'm not for shutting down America in it's entirety.  But I have already explained my position on that so many times everywhere, I am not going to bother going into it here. 

In fact, I'm posting scripture on my wall, I find the politicizing of this pandemic to be rather disgusting.  Well, I might post something about the virus, but it's not going to be a blame this politician or blame that one type of thing.  Reality shouldn't succumb to political opinions that aren't necessarily truth - or mostly - not true at all.  Right now? Carson is on the news saying it appears the numbers are slowing down - new cases of the virus.  Great, but no magic wand is going to make it go away.  It's going to be around forever, just like the other forms of coronavirus and also the flu.  Just that they will develop vaccines and/or antibodies to combat them.  That's right. This stuff never completely goes away. 

So, how much of this virus reporting is just pure fear tactics and how much of it is truth? I dunno. History will look back on it and render a judgement.   For now, we just have to live through it and move on with our lives. 

2cd full day off, I'd be a bit surprised if I don't get a run for tomorrow. Then again, I can't see the schedule anymore because we aren't allowed inside the building anymore.  So I have no idea how much work is available.  Kinda sucks not knowing.  I'm not asking her - the manager.  She'll just get mad and who knows what will happen?  She doesn't like anyone asking even a simple question about when you might be getting another run. No, I didn't ask her, she was telling me about other drivers who have. She gets mad, she has a real temper, not worth crossing her.  Nothing new anyway, I was sitting up to 4 days with the previous manager.  Would just like to get another run on the books for the next pay period,  going out tomorrow on a 2 or 3 day run would do that. 

Well, back to cleaning.  Have a safe, blessed and virus free day!

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