Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Brownsville, Texas has a decree in place that anyone going anywhere in public must have a facemask.

Color me stupid for not knowing that. Cause' we should intrinsically know this stuff wherever we go!

I went to the Love's, everyone there had masks on. Great! I don't have one! But they didn't tell me I couldn't come IN to the store. I went about my business and left.  

Well, I had just come into town, I usually go through the parking lot to see if any other of our drivers are hanging out there - if so they get the next trailer that comes in from Mexico.  But this time I used the restroom, got a drink and left.  

After getting to the yard and dropping the loaded trailer, I went off to get something to eat.  Upon pushing the door in, a man confronted me - yes, with a mask on - telling me "you can't come in here".  Wut.  Ohhhhh?  You don't have a mask on.  I thought about being a caged tiger or animal that is forced into submission to human will.  I could think differently, but I won't. This isn't the nation I grew up in, thanks.  This is all bullshit. If we are going to live our lives in fear every time a f****** virus comes along, good luck! Get yourselves a lot and pay for your casket cause' you're ALL going to DIE!

The dude had sympathy at least. I don't live here and no-one I have seen anywhere is actually forcing anyone to wear a mask.

Let me add this: I LOOKED FOR A F****** MASK YESTERDAY. All over the damn town where I live.  NO MASKS ARE AVAILABLE ANY FREAKING WHERE WHERE I LIVE< THANK YOU.  

I'm cussing. You're damned right I'm cussing. This SHIT is starting to annoy me. We aren't ALL GOING TO FU***** DIE.  Wait! WE all ARE going to DIE!! Yes!!! I didn't say WHEN you are going to die, but if you are reading this, it's probably not going to happen TONIGHT or TOMORROW. It could happen, yes.

Oh you don't believe me? Google Brownsille Texas face masks. That's all you need to do. The nuggets of their version of livelihood will pop up.  Maybe we should all wear NASA style spacesuits!  Because we are The Martian and we be facing death! Lmaooooo

Yea, I'm not going insane, just getting annoyed.  I don't need this shit. If I get sick, so beit. If I die from it, so beit. God is in control, God's will be done.  I don't care about all this political bullshit that is going on with this situation and there are alot of politicians I could name that can go f*** themselves. 

YES! I SAID THAT!! Thank you very much. A town that won't let you in stores - or even "out in public" without a facemask on.  Because ma'am, that virus? It's going to jump on you from that tree, right on over there! See it? Yup, like a monkey, it's going to invade your immune system! Just ... like....that!! 

Whatever.  I'm in the trucking yard, since I "can't" be out and about,  Live your lives in fear! Because that's what God wants, right?  NO. Because that's what the ENEMY OF YOUR SOUL wants. Thank you, hope you don't get this virus, if you do - which a lot of us probably will - hope your suffering isn't too long and hoping for a full recovery.

Isn't that what we do as humans? Hope the best for each other? Instead of this news media bullshit invoking hate and anger against others? Others.... people.... mortals...that cannot control viruses....this shit is messing with me. What happened to us HUMANS coming together when a common "enemy" comes against us? 

Interesting day. Up early - 4:00, jolted out of deep sleep by the ridiculous phone alarm - annoying as all get out but that's the inten...