Tuesday, April 14, 2020

The first time that ever happened.  The plant took the load yesterday afternoon when I got up there.  They used to force us to wait until the next morning, spending somewhere around 16 hours doing nothing and not getting paid to wait.  THAT was my issue with it, if I have to wait, I should be getting paid, just like everywhere else. Why is this place any different?  The new manager took care of that.  You will unload our trucks when we arrive or you will be paying detention pay for their time spent waiting.  So, I got out of there fast. The dude that took me in there was in a hurry to get it over with. He wanted to start the pump before I even had 40 pounds of pressure built up in the tank.  But I said, sure, fire that thing up!  

I had visions of trying to turn this into a three day trip.  But over 2,000  miles!  I was going to try anyway.  If I could somehow, magically get back to the truck stop I was at this morning, I thought, I could definitely make it back to the yard tomorrow - which is now today.  So I pushed it hard.  It helps that there isn't much traffic out there. There is a 1/3rd of cars out there than you would normally see, my guesstimation anyway.

I got back to that truck stop in Farina, Illinois with a couple of minutes left on my drive clock.  Today, wanting to make it back to the yard turned into having to make it back to the yard if it all possible. The manager needed the trailer for tomorrow.  652 miles is what I was facing this morning.  I pushed it again today and got back with plenty of time left on the clock.  Took it's toll tho, I am wiped out from all of that driving.  

But whatever, it's nice to not have to spend another night in the truck.  And Addler is not happy lol.  I guess I've been gone to much, he is in a foul mood for a doggy.  

Oh! The lady at the other house.  She had pneumonia we finally found out and she hadn't been taking care of herself, ie: diabetes.  She is now a type 1 diabetic, which is the really bad one. The one where you have to take care of yourself.  So I don't know how that's going to work out.  But, she's alive and Maria said she sounds a lot better than she ever did.  I never asked for the rent.  I thought that would be a rather - inhumane - thing to do.  The thought of having to cover that money this month never went away, but I kept my  mouth shut about asking for it. So it was a great relief to hear that she is, indeed paying her rent without my ever asking.  It was good to hear tho that she's doing much better.  

Home?  Uhh, I dunno lol. Everyone was in bed when I got here.  It's only 9:00 pm but I guess they all went to bed early.  I'm probably going to sleep in in the morning, What's there to do anyway, everything is still shut down. People are getting sick of this isolating stuff.  Lots of news out there about the effects of the virus on people's psyche and especially this idea of having to stay at home. And the arguments for starting the economy back up again - by sending everyone back to work....and the constant Trump bashing.  

I dunno if there is a ban on boating, I'm going to have to find out. Cause the boat bug is biting and I want to get out on the lake.  Which lake, don't really care. Any lake.  Lots of them around here.  

401k is coming back up rapidly.  That is a relief.  It's only down 10 thousand now. The stock market has been on a crazy up and down ride for a while now. But it's going back up.

And I'm going to bed.  Tired and my back is hurting for some reason.  

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