Sunday, April 26, 2020

Oklahoma run behind me- like returned at 9:00 am yesterday. 

So I had a full day off in between runs and out to West Virginia tomorrow. Tho this new manager has me loading at 12:00 pm.  That's way too late for that run.  9:00 am at the latest.  There is far too much driving and they want the product there the second day, not the second night.  But I said nothing.  This dude will figure it out - when the plant complains the product isn't there when they want it.  And he calls me or whoever down the line whenever it finally becomes an issue. I'll tell him straight up, but only if he asks. I'm not into getting into these people's bad side/under their skin.

They can make your life miserable with bad runs.  And trust me, they do it.  Some worse than others, but they do it. 

So, I'll be driving til' midnight at the earliest tomorrow night, probably more like 1: 00 am or later.  To get the minimum miles in for each day (by my standards, not necessarily the company's, I go well beyond what they think you should do in a day and since we're paid by the mile, getting it done faster isn't a bad thing).  I'm not patting myself on the back, I'm just driven to get the trip done and go home.  I'm afraid this trip will tip into 4 days because of the issue of starting too late in the day. 

Whatever the case, today was spent at home. I didn't go anywhere.  Not because of isolation and quarantine, but because I didn't want to go anywhere.  I've decided to start back on Keto tomorrow - after quite a while being off of it. I gained back 15 pounds and quite the gut to go along with it. Growing out of the 34 waist size, enough.  I have enough keto friendly food to take with me I'll never have to shadow the door frames of any truck stop venue.  In fact, I found a recipe today that was really quite awesome!  It's something I'd eat Keto or not.  James loved it too - Taylor not so much because of the red onions that are in it.  Onions are not her thing - but when I'm making  a dish calling for onions, I chop them up til they're in minced condition and then cook them down.  She doesn't notice it in there and you get the flavor.    Yup, I tell her there are onions in it, the dish I made today? was road food, just had them take a taste of it. 

The lady that was in the hospital for a month is home - and apparently complaining about whatever.  I'm sorry, but Maria makes this deal too difficult. She doesn't have anywhere to go, but she complains about everything when it comes to other tenants.  It's with great reluctance that she gets other renters in there. I'm not paying $900 a month for her living situation.  That's what it would cost me without 2 more renters in there, no thanks.  She also gets far too dramatic when things  start to go south, such as the house falling out from under us and the owner wanting to give it to a family member.  The lease is up, the only footing I had to extend it was the coronavirus.  This man is a Catholic Priest, I called him out on that, having to find a place to live under such extreme circumstances. 

Yeah, I went there.  If I consider myself a person that loves the Lord - and moreover, following His edicts  - not claiming to be a perfect person by any stretch of the imagination - but if so, and following the Word, how much more so a person that claims to be a "man of the cloth" and standing in the position of a man of God? Yes, I take issue with that.  I'm glad there's 3 months now to figure this all out - after my interaction with them, the owner and his brother - because this town has very little in the way of rentals right now and they are either cheap - shit holes - or very expensive. 

Anyway, Maria - I've given her more direct statements recently.  Learn to live with other people.  Deal with it. I've done it for decades. Not years, decades. Everyone has their quirks.  Don't get freaking bitchy about it, talk to them if it's really bad.  But nagging on them, crowding them, bitching at them, that's not going to work and I can tell ya, if she keeps that up? I'm going to bow out of this situation.  No one ever  said life was going to be easy.  I mean, she could find a job - an at-home job if necessary. She could  be doing something. She has had mini-strokes, but she is quite capable of moving around and cleaning house and such.  She's not in a wheelchair, she's not an invalid.  She is not helping herself and I'm growing weary of it.

I guess I'm venting but this situation over there is really starting to get to me.  My house in Phoenix? They deal with it.  They don't call me every day cranking about some renter. Sometimes they tell me about a renter with serious issues - but they've either already gotten rid of them or getting them out of there. But - they know that everyone else? Gonna have some things they may not like. Tough, be happy you're not on the streets, live with it.  Or go live on the streets! Whatever makes you happy!

Mark - dude at the house in Phoenix- good guy.  The lady, however, well not saying she's a bad person but she's done some stuff that really got me going. 

As much as I had wanted to spend it,  I'm hanging onto stimulus money and everything else I'm getting right now.  Greed? no.  Spending? Well if you can tell me when these governors are going to lift all of these restrictions and get our economy back up, let me know.  Americans are rising up against this nonsense at least.  Sick people? Stay home. People that are vulnerable? Same thing. The rest of us? Go back to work. How many of these small businesses that are shuttered by government decree are going to go down permanently because of it?  Open up the restaurants, the bars, the "non-essential" businesses. We're not going to recover from this if we keep this going on. 

A nice day hanging out with family, regardless of what is going on. 

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