Thursday, May 7, 2020

Because I want to wait 20 to 30 minutes every time I turn on this laptop for it to do another of it's unending updates.  I will never buy another Lenovo again.  It was my first and last one.  The thing is slow as...

Oh, how shocking. The computer shut itself off in the middle of typing a sentence and another 5 minutes turning it back on.  As I said, I will never buy another Lenovo product again.  If I can last that long, I will buy a new laptop on Black Friday in November.  Or not. Probably not, this thing is getting beyond annoying, it's quite irritating. 

Whatever the case, I am now in Brownsville.  After getting stuck at the plant for almost 5 hours this morning, I didn't know whether I would have enough hours to get down here even with a 16 hour exception - that adds 2 hours to your on duty time.

First it was the pump at the loading rack. When I got to the rack a the appointed time, the first truck was sitting there, doors closed on the trailer cabinet, no lines hooked up, no plant personnel anywhere in sight.  I walked up to his truck and woke him up.  Oh, he said, the pump isn't working. Yup, I thought, I KNOW that. I was also thinking, why didn't you bother to tell anyone?  I let it go - but it's pretty rude and selfish not to take 10 seconds to type a text to the group and let everyone know the plant is down. 

After I finally got loaded, hours later, off to the scale house to get paperwork. The ladies in there were doing everything but working.  I sat there an hour and a half waiting on paperwork, there were only 2 other drivers ahead of me waiting - and they waited that entire time as well.  The job isn't that hard.  Enter some info into the computer, print it  out, hand it to the driver to sign.  But, after sitting there an hour, I nonchalantly asked if the COA was bad and that's why it was taking so long? Nope, she said, we are the problem.  I couldn't believe she actually said that.  She admitted they were taking their sweet old time. 

The drive down here uneventful, and now waiting. The was another driver ahead of me - the dude that didn't bother to tell anyone - he should have hooked up to the empty in the back of the yard here. He is gone. I don't know if there was another trailer for him to take or if he just took off somewhere to come back in the morning.  I did not hook up to that trailer. Last time I did that, there was another driver - who should have left out of there 6 hours before I ever even got there with it - that should have taken it.  I want the detention pay, but at the same time?  We all want to go boating on Saturday and that ain't happening if I don't get back tomorrow. But I am not going to back under a trailer not knowing whether another driver should be taking it. 

I think I'm done with this entry already. The port for the charging cord to plug into on this computer is broken, apparently.  The plug keeps popping back out. I'm literally ready to just smash this thing with a sledgehammer and be done with it. 

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