Sunday, May 10, 2020

No new laptop for me.  It was just a broken charging cord, tho the Lenovo is a pile of junk, it will just have to do until I see if there are some good deals on a new laptop in November.  New cord ordered.

Barclay's card - sent me a notice that I didn't see saying that because I haven't used the card in so long, I have X amount of time to use it or they will close the account.  Well, they closed the account. So I got another card at another large bank that gave me a much larger credit line, the biggest credit line I've ever had actually, but I did that only to have my credit score remain the same.  A loss of available credit will affect your score.  The card has 12 months no interest, that's a plus.  No annual fee - I refuse to get any cards anymore that have any annual fees on them.  Was amazing to me you could just apply online and they instantly come back with that kind of approval.

Sunday.  Second day off.  Early rise tomorrow for a Brownsville run. The manager had initially informed me that I wasn't going out until Tuesday and gave me the option of Brownsville or Ohio. Brownsville please. I won't take an Ohio run if I'm given the option.  Anyway he changed it to tomorrow morning because someone's truck is down and had to have someone take his/her place.  Dunno who, don't care, I'll take it. 

This last run? Well, there were 2 empty trailers down there when I got there, but the manager told me those trailers were being hauled to inspection places and that he had drivers coming to get them and haul them off.  Fine by me, that's at least 14 hours of detention pay.  So, the next morning I went to get a free coffee at Love's - I am a diamond status card member now that I'm working a lot more and burning a lot more fuel.  I couldn't get past Platinum status with the old manager.  Anyway, he called me and said he was changing things up, take the Mexican trailer to a place east of Houston and have it inspected. 

Ugh.  Okay. There goes detention pay and taking a trailer to an inspection place will probably eat up my hours so that I can't make it home that day, either.  But I didn't complain, I just took it up there. On the way, a huge accident.  Same place another accident had occurred a few months ago and they were diverting traffic off at an exit right there. Well, there wasn't anyone diverting traffic, I just took it. The traffic was literally stopped, I thought might as well take the chance.  That one paid off. But now? Houston traffic is back to normal.  Texas reopened for the most part and people are obviously working again. Couple heavy traffic with a wicked thunderstorm? yeah, lost more time. 

I got lucky at the facility tho. It was closed and they weren't coming back til' Monday. Manager said drop the trailer. Which I did gleefully and made it back that night with time to spare.

Yesterday? Saturday?  We took  the boat out on the lake.  Note that I said we, James and Taylor wanted to go.  The engine - not working right. A fuel problem, I can tell.  Whatever. I'm not taking it back to that last mechanic. He tries hard but he doesn't know enough about these boats.  I'm guessing a fuel line problem somewhere.  I have an actual business I'm going to take it to - and would today but it's Sunday and they are, of course, closed. We went out on the lake anyway, the thing would eventually get up to full throttle, but it takes a while to get there.  And idling it just dies.  We still spent several hours out there, but yea, I'm not going out again until I can get this issue fixed. 

Today would be a relax day, but my room needs attention - again - cleaning that is and other things that I need to do such as cleaning out the SUV. 

That's it for my life right now, lol.  People are starting to ignore all of these virus threats and fear mongering going on. I dunno how that will work out with more new cases or not.  We saw people having parties in their yards yesterday, lots of people, no masks and no social distancing. 

And James off to Lowe's.  He's getting soap for the pressure washer and going to clean off the mold and algae off the boat.  It sat for a while.  I'm kind of thinking the carburetors need to be rebuilt in it. 

Whatever the case, must be about the day's business.

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