Friday, May 22, 2020

Being exceedingly bored with the internet, sick of the endless political war over the virus and generally wanting to do something else, I spent the entire day working around the house. The list was rather long.  Wash the kitchen rugs, wash my dog bedding and rug, clean the kitchen, smoke a brisket, mow the front lawn, pick up piles of sticks from the giant tree out front that have accumulated everywhere, get out the pressure washer and begin cleaning the exceedingly dirty driveway.  Mixed in a run the coffee shop, took a drink to Taylor at her work, went to Walmart for a 3 wheeler for Jaxon - he's the 3 year old, gets quite unhappy about the 5 year old's bike because isn't capable of riding it yet.  Put that together as well. Didn't quite expect heavily part laden project to put it together, but that's what it was.

I didn't get that together until tonight, Jaxon was in bed before I got it done, he can try it tomorrow. Phoenix - the 5 year old - got on it instead and was riding it in the dining room.  Grandma showed up today and is apparently staying until sometime next week. Grandpa is coming after work on Friday.  It's always interesting when they are around lol.

Anyway, I felt much better about spending the actually doing something than just sitting around watching TV or browsing the internet. That gets boring after  a while and I've been off 8 days now with allegedly 2 more to go.  My alleged schedule is working 4 straight days with 2 Brownsville trips and yes, working through yet another holiday.  But after being off work so long, I will be ready to hit the road and get some trips going for paychecks.

Speaking of that, the company sends me a run down of the trips they're paying me for and what is being paid for what.  Noticing that an entire Brownsville run was missing, I contacted payroll via email. She replied that there was no such run and no paperwork.

Lol, okay.  I contacted my manager and gave him the trip number.  He came back 2 hours later and said there is no such run, no such run in the system, no paperwork and you didn't turn it in.

The hell I didn't.  I never leave the yard after a trip without turning in the paperwork before leaving. I want to get paid for it, sitting on paperwork does absolutely no good.  I distinctly remembered turning in that paperwork because there were so many anomolies with it.  Being told to wait for a trailer even tho there were empty ones there. Then being told 2 hours later to take one of the trailers to Baytown, TX to a repair facility. The loading plant - the pump wasn't working and I was almost 5 hours there.  There was extra pay associated with that trip, it stuck out in my mind.

So it was whatever to me. "Someone is going to have to research this and find the paperwork".  No reply from my manager.  I then sent him the dispatch he sent me when I got that run.  I was prepared to send all the subsequent text messages, but I figured that should be enough.  Hours later, he finally replied he had found the paperwork that he originally said didn't exist and was working on getting it onto my next paycheck. Yes, please and thank you.  Just a bit disconcerting to have 2 people in the company tell you the trip number didn't exist and the run never occurred.  Lol, OKKKKK. What it tells me is the new manager probably screwed up. I mean, all's well that ends well, so no particular biggie to me, this kind of thing has been happening since I started working there - tho never to the point of being told the trip number doesn't exist lmao.

No word on the boat, I'll start getting impatient after 2 weeks. Then I may call them. After a day in the shop, my SUV engine light came back on.  Okay, I spent good money getting this fixed, now I have to take the thing back? gag.  It's running fine, but that light irritates me. I spent over $500 to get rid of that light.  It means something is wrong.  I may just go to Autozone tomorrow and have them hook up their computer and see if it gives any codes.


Friday. Presumably last day of "vacation".  Can't say I'm ready to go back to work now. Just the way it is, when I'm off work too long, I usually don't feel like going back.  Much better to keep busy.

Okay well I just found out that the plant is reopening tomorrow - but that the Brownsville run canceled 5 loads.  But, there were still 5 loads going.  I've been off work the longest, I should have gotten the first load going out, instead, he's got me doing Brownsville on Monday and asking if I can take an empty to Conroe, Texas tomorrow.  Well I can, I thought, but why am I not getting one of the first Brownsville runs to go out?  I didn't ask him that, I dunno if he forgot that I was off that long or if - other things I won't mention. Just won't go there unless evidence arises to back suspicions. 

Interesting day. Up early - 4:00, jolted out of deep sleep by the ridiculous phone alarm - annoying as all get out but that's the inten...