Saturday, May 23, 2020

So the house has gone to hell.

There isn't really any other way to put it.

When grandma comes, the kids - get away with everything, want everything, break house rules, engage in continuous whining, crying and complaining, don't sleep well, then get even more ridiculous.

Compounding the problem is she hasn't been here in months - coronavirus - no can do.  It came to a boil a few minutes ago and I decided my bedroom was a good place to be.  Mama is angry, papa is caught in the middle and grandma - well it's all good I guess.

Now, mama said no pool, the kids are crying, the pool is covered back up and - it's whatever to me.  I don't care if anyone goes swimming or not.  She - made some remarks and went into her bedroom and that was that.

Although some shape and form of this happens every time she comes here - grandma - this time has been particularly bad.  Whatever the case, that was last night.  Mama was pissed, said a few things to me in whispers - not happy things tho nothing about my actions since I was no part of any of this - and went off to her bedroom.


Okay, well today, Saturday, was supposed to be the first day the plant fired back up.  I was rather surprised to get to the yard and find all truck there.  All the driver's trucks and all the spare trucks.  How is the plant back in operation and none of our trucks at the plant loading? This is why I bit my tongue the other day when he sent me a Monday load - when i was originally scheduled to get back to back Brownsville loads starting today.  I get far more information from the manager if I'm in his office and chatting.  Then he apparently feels compelled to spill the beans - all of it.  So, maybe we aren't getting any loads until Monday? I have no clue. 

I have the 3rd load Monday.  Normally i would think, cool, there is a high probability of getting overnight detention pay. But since we're just firing back up? Nope.  There should be a yard full of empty trailers sitting down there.  How do we get ahead? Well, if we get down there and there are empties, we leave after the 10 hour break. That will happen until all empties are gone and they aren't, as normal, keeping up with it. Then we start getting the layover pay.

Today's run was uneventful. I didn't sleep worth a crap last night, woke up at midnight and got to sleep somewhere between 3 and 4 am.  I turned the alarm off, if I do get back to sleep, I don't care when I wake up, the run today is a short one, I'll get home today regardless.  What woke me up today?  Extremely loud thunderclaps.  Major storm with pounding rain.  It was 7:00 am.  I dragged myself out of bed, got the Keurig machine fired up, got in the shower, let the water run and wake me up, a cup of coffee, force the dogs out the back door. Addler wanted nothing to do with it, Aspyn was already trembling with fear from the thunder.

But I wanted them to go pee, please.  I don't know if they did or didn't. I left them out there until I got my other stuff done and let them back in, put them in my room and asked James to please deal with them today.  He likes my dogs, thankfully, so it was no problem. 

I got to work, dragging.  Just told myself, it's only 400 miles today.  Half of it will have no trailer attached and I am going home today.  Well, my old church showed up on Facebook with a Zoom meeting.  Not a meeting, but prayer and bible verses.  Zoom is both ways. You see them, they also see you.  I mean, what I'm doing shouldn't make any difference, if they don't want to see it, don't look at it.  What I was doing was driving the truck, shifting gears, looking in mirrors, looking at the sites going by but also listening to everything.  This is a huge church, was interesting there were only 27 other people online for it.  It was funny when the pastor, at the end, made mention that the format works - literally wherever or whatever you are doing, referring to what I was doing lol.  He wasn't complaining tho.

I got down to this itty bitty yard  - hadn't been here before, the trailer I was hauling as a methane gas trailer - dropped the trailer and decided to take an extended nap. No time limits here, there was 9-1/2 hours left on the 14 hour clock and plenty of drive hour.  Sleep did not come quickly, for whatever reason, but it did finally happen and I felt much better after that. 

Back to the yard, all the trucks still there, back home.  Nope, they didn't go swimming today either.  They bought this pool what, a week ago at least?  But I imagine she was still unhappy.  Well, I know she is.  After Monday, the house will get back to normal after nana leaves, but the kids will take a while.  I'm not saying she's a bad person, but whatever happens when she comes?  Those kids get very different attitudes - mostly bad attitudes.   They are cranky, they don't sleep well, they get petulant and don't want to listen.  A week or more of "recovery" has to occur before it actually gets back to normal.  I hung out with the peeps for several hours, but I decided to hibernate to my bedroom and chill.  Dogs chilling with me : )  Addler is zonked out, I dunno what he's been doing all day lol.

No agendas for tomorrow. Some things I'd like to do. Plant the second rose bush, the first one is in the ground.  Clean up the side of the house - natural disaster.  Clean up the firewood pile. Take your pick, I'm not doing all of them, lol, I may not do any of them if the weather gets as bad as the forecasts say. But, it's really hard anymore to believe any forecasts around here....

With that, watch a bit of TV - no news - and go to bed.

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