Sunday, May 24, 2020

Day...3? No Day 4 of this stuff.  Stuff being nana here and kids - now getting on daddy's nerves and he was spanking them earlier, telling them he's had enough and will just spank them if they continue to ignore him.  Kids woke me up this morning, much earlier than I wanted to wake up with them running around the house making all kinds of noise.  I should have thought about it last night and set up my box fan next to the bedroom door and turned up on high.  That will sufficiently drown out the noise and allow me to sleep in. 

100% chance of thunderstorms today, according to the forecast. The forecasts, however, are notoriously bad about accurately predicting the weather in these parts.  I don't really believe them anymore.  Just look at the weather radar and figure out if there might be rain or not.  If the radar is accurate, then we are in for one heckuva storm around 4:00 pm.  Last night we were discussing just getting the generator out.  High probability if there is a thunderstorm, there is going to be a power outage.  Yesterday morning, the power went out momentarily during the thunderstorm that had developed, but, it came right back on and amazingly stayed on after that. 

But I don't know.  I think we can just wait and see.  If the power goes out, we might get a bit wet getting it out of the shed but I'd rather leave the thing in there versus pull it out and have to put it back in. The thing weighs over 200 pounds.  James tore down the rotten ramp into the shed, it's about 3 feet up off the ground. I have ramps for my trailer that we can use to get it out, but we just lifted the thing up in there last time.  There's lots and lots of thieves around here, we don't have a camera in the back and it would be easy for a thief to just come back there and take the thing.  I suppose it would be easy to break it out of the shed, but at least they'd have to understand that it's actually in there and go to the trouble of breaking the lock off.  There is a dog - their dog - back there all day long.  It's a small, scraggly thing that I doubt would scare many people, I'd really like to get a camera back there for asset protection. 

Between a 4 wheeler, a freezer full of meat, the brand new generator, a $500 Oklahoma Joe's grill and other things, I think the $5 per month for continuous recording on a wireless camera would be worth the money.  The problem is that thieves will come up the creek behind the house.  Since there's a chain link fence, they are protected from any dogs before trying to make any moves.  Now if Addler is back there, thieves will think twice.  Unless they are going to try and poison or shoot him, they will get bitten if they try to come into the yard.  I know, Addler is a big old goofy, loving dog. But when it comes to his property, he will defend it.  He has the right, private property, fenced off. 


Sunday. Raining.  A couple of hours before I have to go to sleep.

Called my son and wished him a happy Birthday, fortunately  he had a few minutes to talk, we don't do that very often anymore, we mostly text.  Hard to wrap my mind around having a son that is 27 years old.  His life is currently going well, from the sounds of it. He has one class left he needs to take to finish his degree in college.  He said he has excellent credit and they almost have enough saved to buy a house.  And he's been writing a book! I didn't know this at all!  6-8 months he figured he'd been working on it  A fun work, he described it as, I can't wait to see what he has come up with.

Anyway a pleasant conversation. 

Today was spent watching kids screaming about getting into a swimming pool.  Digging out a large hole for the other rose bush - yes I got that done, mostly cause' Taylor wanted it done, lol. The lady of the house pretty much gets her way haha.  Foot races,  playing catch, lots of chatting, taking it easy other the rose bush - tho James helped this time. Dig, find tree roots, he took a spade and cut them out. Dig some more - more tree roots.  No wonder the other roses we had planted there died out  Bad soil, loaded with tree roots. 

Yesterday's 400 miles was good for helping me start to get back into work mode.  My Keurig machine arrive today - a small one I bought for the truck. Countless times I've been in situations where coffee? Not available. have to get up, get on the clock and drive down the road. Or in Brownsville, if I stay at the yard, I have to drive up to the trucstop to get it.  Not the end of the world, but I really want that first cup shortly after I get up.  I already buy K-cups for my Keurig at home and Ollie's sells the varieties I like at much reduced pricing.  I always carry bottled water, so I have everything now to just make my own coffee. Oh yes, and I always take heavy cream with me, it's part of the Keto diet, load it up with fat filled cream, drink, lose the weight, done.

These companies and their packaging. This thing comes in it's own box. It's then put into a larger box. A box in a box.  Waste.  And then, it's filled with - usually plastic bubble wrap but this on was unusual.  It had a ten foot long "thing" of brown paper tubing.  I have never seen it before.  Paper versus plastic.  Not a fan of this disposable plastic junk. It's filling the world with waste.  I'm not a tree hugger, but plastic everything needs to go.  We don't need plastic bottles, plastic fillers, plastic endless.  The floating islands on the oceans got me to thinking about that.  Especially the island that they estimate is the size of TEXAS floating out there. 

Oh, and a charging cord I ordered.  I received a box big enough for a laptop computer. I opened that up to find another box inside of it. Inside of that box was the box the cord came in?  What one earth are these people thinking? 

Anyway hopefully I'm mentally prepared enough to get back into the work mode. These long intervals off I never like at the beginning because I know what it does to my psyche. And then, when I'm off too long, I don't want to go back to work. Okay, call me a whining baby, it's just the way it affects me.  I'll be good tomorrow - about 300 miles into the trip lol. 

Finally, the rain. It's nice actually to hear the rain falling.  Some sort of comfort or peace comes from it.  Tranquility?  Whatever it is, it's all good for me. 

Time to make a bit of food for the road tomorrow and go to bed.

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