Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Brownsville trip uneventful.  I was the first load down there since the shutdown I found out this morning.  Strange they only had one empty trailer sitting there. I'd think after all this time they'd have a yard full of them.  Well whatever, hooked up to it this morning and got back up to  - well almost the yard when my my manager called.

Hey what's up! he asks. Oh, just finishing out the run.  Oh, are you on the road? Yes. What run?

I'm coming back from Brownsville? lol  Okkkkk, the dude is new, he doesn't have this all down yet. 

Oh, well never mind.  Uhh - not knowing what he needed - "I'm 20 minutes from the yard".  Ohhh, ok, well someone bailed out on doing a run tomorrow, but you are way back in the line". 

Okay, I replied, I like to treat drivers fairly so it's no problem.  He started to go into how I was one of his best drivers and that customer service is more important - and then he cut himself off.  That was interesting.  But not anything new.  We have several drivers that are on their own schedule, they used to get away with whatever - taking their time basically, stopping all the time, not getting to their destinations when they are supposed to. 

The problem, of course, is that the customers have time windows when they want the product there. People taking 14 hour breaks instead of 10, getting to destinations 8 hours late -etc - doesn't make customers happy. 

Well I didn't get the run, of course, he found someone up the line on the queue for getting the next run.  So I dunno when I'm going out again, didn't ask, it is what it is. 

Home.  Maria is going to Houston on Thursday.  C-Section coming up for son's wife's baby.  They wanted her to be there.  She has no intended return date - the son told her they'd figure it out.  So any runs coming up my dogs well be at home - out back during the day and probably getting into trouble lol.  But it's fine, James will take care of the dogs. 

Tomorrow: No clue.  But I just thought - best go out and get some food out of the freezer and defrost.  Taylor has been wanting a replay of the kabobs I made a while back - but not with just chicken.  Chicken, steak and shrimp. Yea maybe, just one package of frozen shrimp, have the beef and chicken already.  She doesn't want anything else on them, but on mine and James? Put some mushroom, onions and bell peppers. That's going to be quite a bit of kabobs tho. 

I was actually thinking ribs tomorrow tho.  Grilled - slow cooked like I used to them.  Not smoked this time.  Get them nice and tender with a nice texture and then coat them with BBQ sauce.  Yessssss

Well, tomorrow, I do believe I'll take the trailer to a tire shop and have the tire fixed. We loaned it to a couple that needed it to go to Dallas and get a commercial sized refrigerator.  For what? I have no clue, a 3 person family, but that's none of my business. I just saw that one of the tires was flat - must of picked up a nail or something on the way, the tire isn't destroyed.  And since that trailer will be out of the way,  a LOT of leaves there. And probably snakes.  Unless the rain continues, I'll likely clean all of that up.  Oh yes, every time I've cleaned that area out, I've run into Copperheads. 

Yea, I'd love to go boating tomorrow...and now that I have a fishing license, throw some rods over the side and go fishing as well. 

Well, that's it for today!

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