Saturday, May 30, 2020

Well it's almost 3 pm and I haven't heard from the manager about a run for tomorrow, so I'm going to assume that it isn't going to happen. He doesn't deal with this the same as the old manager did.  He gets the runs out much earlier - something I very much like - easier to prep for a run when you know well enough in advance how much time you're going to spend on the road.

I have really no idea what's going on with runs and the schedule.  I got back in after he had left the office yesterday.  We're still being held in our trucks at the loading plant - and if that continues much longer, we are all going to be frying like roasting chickens in an oven for the temps have been going up.  I really don't see how they make us wait in a truck that is shut off and no AC when it's 90 plus degrees outside with high humidity.  I'll get out and stand under a tree, thanks. Anyway, if I knew what the schedule was I could have a guesstimate of how long it will be before my next load.

Paychecks will start showing the last few weeks of nothingness.  Vacation hours taken for this week, 2 runs on the books for next week - but the first one was less than 400 miles.  All the gains I have made in recent times will just evaporate into thin air.  Oh well.


Getting up early to take Maria to the Amtrak station.  She is headed to Houston for the C-section of her first grandchild, scheduled for Friday if I recall correctly.  I dunno what's going to happen over there, the other 2 ladies are at each other's throats. The one just moved in, she just got dumped by her mate, the other is cranking about the fact that the new one doesn't do her share of the work around the house  It won't surprise me if one of them is moving out by the time Maria gets back. Maria has been playing intermediary. But hopefully the one that promised to take care of her bird and dogs will stay.  If not, all of that animal burden will end up over here until Maria gets back.

As for me, I pulled a muscle in my leg attempting to race a 5 year old.  Yup, I didn't stretch and therefore, I am now paying for it.  It's rather painful, I must admit.  Ice, I know, but it's on the back side of my leg, just below my butt, just going to go to bed and hope it will feel better in the morning.


Didn't feel like starting another post.  So, it's now Thursday morning, took Maria to the train station, she got word on her way down there - well she's still enroute - that the baby was delivered. Baby boy, 6 pounds, 4 ounces.  So she's all excited, happy, tears of joy, etc.  I'm happy for her, especially getting a break from that house and getting out of there for a while.  Especially in a house with 3 ladies.  They all go at it at times.  It would have been nice to get a male in there, but there were none to be found, at least not during the times we were looking.  Maria will have to figure out how to come up with the extra $100 per month tho.  The owner of the house isn't backing down - tho if we were to move out I doubt he would find anyone to take that house for that much money.

I've been watching rentals in this town and alot of them just sit there - seemingly forever - too small and over priced. The same true with this house.  But we have no where - yet anyway - to move to.  And moving costs.  Switching the services isn't free and moving everything I could do with some help, but still it's a lot of work and free time spent.  I haven't actually made my mind up yet - but I will soon because we are going to be getting down to the wire once we get into June.

Meanwhile, my kabob skewers are going to be great today! I hope anyway lol.  Marinated chicken, beef and cajun seasoned shrimp with tomato chunks, pineapple squares, seasoned mushrooms, onions and something else I can't remember right now. Last time I made them they disappeared with only a couple left over. But since Taylor wanted 3 meats on them, there will be a lot left over - which is cool because I'm going to Oklahoma tomorrow and would like to take at least a couple of them with me.

Okay. Taylor won't want anything on hers besides the meats and mushrooms. Everyone has their tastes lol, I like different flavors on the skewers and some vegetables are necessary IMO for that effect.

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