Thursday, January 22, 2009


So, I got to work early this morning. I keep doing that - not on purpose, I just haven't changed the alarm back.
The situation was that Prince's tail needed tending to every single morning as it had open wounds in a couple of places. I had to get up early for weeks, take the old dressing off, clean the wounds, and then put fresh dressing back on it. It was time consuming so I started getting up earlier.

Well, I don't clock in right away. I sit down and persue the internet, mostly, besides making a fresh pot of coffee. This morning, it dawned on me that I have never done a Justice Court background check on Mary. I was curious to see if there was anything in there.

I was astounded to find numerous Forcible Detainers had been entered against her, and that there was at least half a dozen monetary judgements against her totalling over $10,000.00. Yes, that's ten thousand dollars - more than that. Quite a large number of tickets as well. Several Orders of Protection she had acquired against whoever those poor souls were. I never checked her when she came in here - I don't think I did anyway - because she had and has a great paying job and the rent really isn't that much.

I'll never take anything as appearances again. I didn't do that with the newer tenant - but he has no credit history and he doesn't want one. He has stated he doesn't even want to own his own home. Well, whatever, one would think he might want to at least have his own apartment eventually. But that's neither here nor there. I really was amazed at the amounts of some of the judgments, one of them almost 4k.

Okay, well, I'll be printing all of that out for the judge to see if it comes to that.

The other thing that happened today? Well, I noticed my kitchen camera was pointing way off. There is no way that anything like that can happen accidentally. So much so, I immediately accessed the files for my video surveillance.

What did I find? Mary - came out JUST after I left for work this morning, walked straight up to the camera, unplugged the power supply by pulling on the cord which caused the camera to aim upwards.

It was very dark in here - she had turned out the lights and apparently thought that since it is dark, the camera can't make anything out. Au Contrairie, monsieurre (speeeeeling). The cameras have these little red "lights" that shoot out all around the circumference of the camera. You can't see that there is light coming out from it, but it's MORE than ample enough light to clearly make out her face.

She then hooked the power supply back up much later on, leaving the camera angled up towards the ceiling so you can't see who reconnected it.

I have already left her a notice to NEVER touch my surveillance equipment again. And why would she do that? She's taking my coffee and helping herself. How do I know this? Because I have her on previous surveillance making coffee.

Uhhh, well, whatever. Her threats yesterday in email sealed her fate with me. I will not tolerate a person living in my house talking to me in that manner. Icing on the cake was finding the numerous Forcible Detainers (evictions) and her tampering with my surveillance equipment.

Whatever. Tuesday ain't far off.

Oh, here we go - she just sent me another email - I'm a liar, evil and all kinds of other crap.


To get my mind off of that subject - which I have all but mastered the art of simply tuning things out and switching gears as effortlessly as I shift gears in the semi - I went out and inspected the plants. Last night, we got a good, soaking rain. The ground is nicely saturated.

The sticks I am referring to are what was left of the honeysuckles after the Danes trampled them to death. AMAZING how something that looked totally dead has put out all KINDS of leaves and branches on just stubs/stick sticking out of the ground.

I love it. I just love watching things grow. Even more watching something come back from the dead. 3 plants like that - coming back and geeze, at the rate they're growing, maybe it won't be that long before the start looking like full plants again! Yowsa!

And, yayyyy, tomorrow is Friday already! No football this weekend - which gives me a chance to get out there and do some weeding. I would do some other things as well, but money is very tight right now. I have money - but I have to make it stretch. Only bills, gasoline, electricity and food are on-tap. I think I'm going to blow off the roller blades - it's a great deal and I saw the pic of them - but I simply don't have the leeway right now, even at 30 bucks.

Oh, and my dad is writing back and forth to his brothers and such about a reunion at his place in March. I will be there. At least, I will be there for a day. I don't want to impose upon my dad to pay for a hotel room - unless I have some funds by then by some miracle, I just won't be able to do a hotel room. Well, maybe one night - hopefully.

That's it for now.

Have a great evening.


  1. WOW! Sounds like "Hurricane Mary" left a lot of devastation in her wake! Please be careful. She sounds mentally unstable.

  2. She sounds like a nightmare....

  3. Ah, now it is letting me post here. I put a comment in your entry below this one. fin

  4. Lol, you guys crack me up!
    A Mentally Unstable Nightmare - indeed!

  5. gosh darn, Ben... she's STEALING from you and you haven't kicked her butt on the street yet? you have so much against her... be careful, one of these days she's going to sabatoge something serious. You don't need another fire or perhaps the dogs getting poisoned? I'm beginning to believe that gal would do anything... geeeez

  6. Yup, well I have my day in court shortly. She moved all of her stuff out of one of the bedrooms last night with the help of my next door neighbor. I can't imagine what she must be telling those people. She admitted in writing, again, yesterday, that she is both occupying 2 rooms and hasn't paid the rent for January. She has some smarts - in the area of her work expertise, the rest of the notion of common sense seems to evaporate into thin air when she leaves that building.....

  7. Wow, Westy is ahead of me on this worry session. I had not thought of either the dogs nor another fire. I DID and DO feel that it would be well for her to be escorted off the premises by deputies if such is possible, as I had thought she might smash a few holes in the wall and such, and of course, as ever, the plants in the yard.

  8. Her line of rhetoric continues to grow. Well, her lines of lies, I should put it. Her claims are preposterous to the point of absurdity. Anyway, she moved out of that room, told me via email today she is giving it back to me. Not good enough - I want her to hand me the key. That makes it legal.
    My thought about the dogs was that she might get mad, open the get and let them out. THAT worries me.
    I don't really know what she's capable of doing - she might do nothing but go to court, make her claims and that's it. Today she claimed she signed a 1-year lease. Lol. It's purely a month-to-month lease. I still can't believe she wants to STAY here.


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