Saturday, February 14, 2009


I must have reinstalled the drivers for sound in the wrong sequence - the software is there but it ain't working.
So, I will probably have to reformat the hard drive yet again and start over.
Ceptin' this time I copied and pasted the sequence into an email to myself and I can just get back online after going through - all of that - and try again. I HATE having to reinstall windows. I have it down to as fast an install time as it's going to get - but there are so many things you have to install after it's done.
Internet Explorer 7
Video Surveillance
Kodak Easyshare
On and on. It basically takes a couple of days cause I don't usually feel like sitting here doing it all at once.
Now, if I knew how to find that downloaded junk, get rid of it and try reinstalling, great!
But I don't.
The desire to have sound on the computer is enough to make me want to go through all of this yet again.
Computer geek - I am definitely NOT.
But, at least - given enough time - I find a way to make things work - usually.

Today? Another gorgeous day outside. I do not trust that the cement has set well enough yet, so I'm waiting maybe til' tomorrow to hook, stretch and secure the chain link to the posts. Just hate to go to all the work and find out the hard way that the cement has not set enough yet to be able to put that kind of stress on it : )

Ummm, what else. Mary should be getting her paycheck in the mail today. Therefore, today will be the determining factor. She's certainly anxious for the mail to come, is all I can say about that.

I don't have anything else, really. Oh, yes I do: the tree has actually put out leaves! It's the only "real" tree I have - it's in the front yard. It started "dying" not too long after I put it in. But - it was the beginning of winter and I assumed/hoped that since it's a deciduous tree, it was merely dropping it's leaves because of such.

Considering the amount of work it was to put that thing into the ground, I am very happy that it's showing definitive signs of life again. I do believe it might be starting a little too early, though - it's still getting our version of cold in the morning.

Anyway, hope you all have a great day!


  1. Sorry I can't give youm some of the literally hundreds of trees that I have around me.

    My sound is likely turned off about half the time I am using the puter because I am listening to something else.

    Keeping kids off yer computer is also one way to minimise aggravation. Another JSer had hers almost made useless by something her step kid's boyfriend downloaded to hers. You are a good deal more tolerant and forgiving of SOME things than I am or would likely be.

    Was wondering about Mary; staying tuned.

  2. Yeah, love a dozen or so!
    There are only certain times I want to hear the sound on the computer - but I want it available, especially watching YouTube stuff.

    A funny thing happened the other day: The boys found out they can get online through the Playstation III!
    It actually brings up the internet and puts a keyboard on the TV screen. Probably very slow in trying to type in anything.
    They still want to use this computer, but not as much. I have them limited on the account - they cannot download files, I don't think anyway. It also limits what kinds of sites they can go to.
    The crash that happened this time was because someone turned the computer off using the button on the front of the tower while there were programs running. I don't even think it was the boys that did it - I think Ken was trying to get the Magic Jack to restart, cause it happened while I was at work and none of the boys were here.
    My tolerance has it's limits.......
    Mary is now outside waiting for the mailman to come - but it's not even noon yet and I don't think he's coming until around 1:00.

  3. Good luck with the reformatting again. Hopefully it'll go well this time.

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed the mailman brought what Mary was looking for.

  4. Hi saint!
    The mailman, did, indeed, bring that check.
    She left and informed of when she would be returning. Umm - okay, don't like the clock tick too far cause' I want to get this issue settled.
    So, I'm just waiting to see what's going to happen - if anything.

  5. Yes, she did. She was gone all day long, but she showed up and gave me 2 money orders - one for the court judgement and one for the rest. I'm sitting a little more at ease about this situation at this point.


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