Sunday, June 28, 2009

111 Degrees

I have spent most of the afternoon in the heat.
It's amazing what the human body can get used to.
It actually started feeling cool with so much sweat seeping out of my body.
Gross? Maybe, but it was a solitude I needed. The dogs couldn't handle it - they went inside and left me alone. lol.
I got a lot accomplished out there, so I'm happy about that.
It took me back to my teenaged years when I would sit and bake in the sun during extreme heat days and think nothing of it.

My head is really screwed up today. I can only refer back to Ken's interference with my sleep last night. Sleep is almost a sacred thing - don't mess with it unless there is an emergency. Leave people alone, respect the fact that they are sleeping. I have tried to teach that to my son and all the kids that have stayed over here over the years. I do not allow one kid to wake up another when they are here. I have done that for a long, long time. I may have a different view of sleep and people sleeping than others, I don't know as I have no context for it. I just feel that if someone is sleeping - but others are awake - and that person is sleeping in their own bed - then everyone should stay away from that person and if they find "some" reason to go into their sleeping "space", they should be as quiet as possible.

My apparent obsession with it is simply due to the fact that I have sleep issues. I go to sleep easily, I do not stay asleep easily. I do not want anyone bothering me when I am sleeping, because there are many nights when I get precious little of it. I know, over and over and over, the feeling of going to work after getting only 4 or 5 hours of sleep. It's not a pleasant thing to have to face in the morning. I have to force myself to put on a smile and have a good attitude. When the work day is over, and on a night like that, I come home and take a nap.

And then I go outside and work. I will not succumb to making excuses for not doing anything around the house because I am tired from the night before. Oh yes, I have Ambien. It works, too. I can take it and sleep through the night. I HATE taking pills. Absolutely hate it. I have a bottle of it - almost full - that I haven't touched in months. I found an alternative that is still taking pills, but it isn't a sleeping pill: ibuprofen. It has a profound effect of making me sleepy. It doesn't always work, and I only take one 200 milligram pill, but it works more often than not.

I came in here for a reason - yes - a glass of ice water.
It's STILL 110 degrees out there at almost 6:00 pm.
C'ya later.

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