Saturday, June 6, 2009

Dad; The Lifesaver

Well, maybe not quite that bad - but he did send me a $150 check today that is going almost entirely to electricity.
Sweating into the 2000's, I've been outside quite a bit cleaning up, watering, digging more holes.
I also started a good cleaning in here - a day earlier than normal because I potentially have yet another person coming over to look at the room.

However, pretty soon, I'm going to have to kick it into high gear and get in there and get the paint job done. I've been working outside so much, I simply haven't had the time to deal with it. First impressions are everything, if this guy does show up today (or possibly tomorrow - per this person and his military schedule - allegedly a staff sargeant) - I want the room ready. It really doesn't take that long to paint a room - but - it's a big room and it will take a little longer, albeit one wall is done excepting the trim work.

In actuality, I really never have woken up today. I woke up this morning much later than normal and slept mostly through the night - giving me almost ten hours of sleep, whereas 3 days this week I was working on 4 to 6 hours of sleep. Not by choice, either, just wake up in the middle of the night and never able to get back to sleep.

That's it. I have had 2 replies to the latest postings on CL - today - and have talked with one individual and have yet to hear back from another.

Anyway, back to work.


  1. Staff Sgt sounds good. In upper enlisted ranks, lifer, should be responsible. Also should be inclined to obey rules as long as they are reasonable and don't keep changing.

  2. I have few rules - but I insist they are followed.
    Mostly it's just stuff that makes sense - ie: common sense. Clean up after yourself. Make a mess in the bathroom, clean it up. Excessive noise after 10pm will be addressed confrontationally if necessary. Pay rent on time, if not, give good - GOOD - reason why you aren't.
    Roster for cleaning the main bathroom - that of which I do not or rarely use - for tenants. Don't take other people's food or drinks.

    I really shouldn't have to say any of that stuff, but - I find that if I don't, the lines aren't drawn and if a person is prone to pushing the boundaries, then the situation can get ugly in trying to get the person to either change their ways - or leave. But yes, as you say, a lifer - the guy is 34 years old so certainly he's been in there a while - should have some sense of how to live with other people.

    Since I talked to that guy, another person has - well it was strange. I got a call on my Magic Jack that said it was a text message. How do I get text messages on a Magic Jack? The thing actually takes the written words and turns them into a computer voice that reads the message over the phone! He's retired military (military day for room rentals?) and says the place would work great because of the location. My location definitely rocks for it's proximity to the airport; downtown Phoenix; Arizona State University; University of Phoenix to name a few. I can only hope that at least ONE of these people actually turns out to be a renter here!

  3. BTW, do you know what the 161st ARW stands for? I could make guesses - but they certainly wouldn't be good ones, lol.



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