Tuesday, October 20, 2009


So, the lady that's here for a week - will be gone by the time I get home. She was pretty fun to talk to it was nice having the female side of things around. Meanwhile, another person showed up yesterday to discuss moving in. This conversation went on for almost 2 hours as this guy apparently wanted to talk - and talk - and talk.

Which is a good thing at the initial "interview" process - the more a person talks, the better glimpse of who that person really is - is displayed. The talking wenting into OT when the last-remaining tenant came out and these 2 apparently hit it off. I guess it's always a good thing to have tenants liking each other versus the hate factor I have seen in my house a few times now.

Well, I have a potential - and yet another - tenant. He has a friend where the 2 have been wanting to move in together for some time - allegedly - the eggs haven't hatched yet, there aren't any green chickens running around, I'll just wait and see - and continue to run my Craigslist room offering ads as well.

Meanwhile, the experts are suggesting the swine flu vaccine will arrive too late for most Americans and that 60% of the population will get infected with this pig. It does further state that "only" about 25% of the population will actually get sick. ONLY 25%? Lol. I wasn't going to get the vaccine, anyway, as I am allergic to these flu shots for some reason. They're predicting the end of this month to be the peak of the infections, I am holding out hope that I don't get this nasty bug.

And now, the pirates are in the news again. This time threatening to kill 25 Chinese crew members of a ship they have hijacked. Without going into all of it - good luck there, pirates. You kill the whole ship's compliment of sailors and you should fully expect that your lives will end with it, if you think the Chinese are going to just sit there, watch that happen and then let you go scott-free.

I love reading the news on the internet in the morning. Well, at least if there's something interesting to read.

A few deliveries this morning in the system - nothing grand, small stuff. Still have to use the semi, though, cause' there's pipe involved.

Have a great day!

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