Thursday, January 21, 2010


It's raining cats and dogs outside, there is little chance that anyone is going to be working on any construction sites today. They - the forecasters at least got this one right, they said there would be a deluge, there certainly is one going on at the moment.
the branch's computers were all shut down - happens for some reason every single time it rains. Took forever to get everything going again in here and now I only have limited time before I have to sign in for work.

Anyway, I found a 5th wheel travel trailer - for $400. It looks perfect on the outside, the inside needs some work. For $400, I'd take the thing as a project to turn it around and resell it.

Also found a 26 foot travel trailer - perfect on the outside, inside needs lots of work. They took the walls off, took out the carpet - couch - all that stuff is gone. They want $600 for that thing. I haven't actually seen either of them in person, just looking at pics that both parties sent me. Prolly, I'll offer the travel trailer dude $300 just because it will take some time to put in carpet and walls and all that, not to mention some money (though, I'm the king of finding good used stuff cheap, and not just on Craigslist, either).

Meanwhile, the definers of what are going to happen at my branch that I work out of are slowly coming out. Calling it a "Hybrid" store, the talk is that plumbing will get one end of the building and that side of the yard and we - will get "this" end, the end I'm at currently and will split this place in half, also splitting the rent cots.

Just a quick synopsis since my time is rather limited. If I get either trailer, I intend on renting it out for $250 or $300 per month for several months and then get rid of it. It's nothing permanent and I already have takers for it if I get one. I know, seems odd, but I sit here and think of ways to make money without having to get a second job, basically.

Well, that's it. Probably not much to do today since the forecast is for rain all day long, but you ever know.

Have a great day!

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