Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Odd day to start a work-week, but here it is.
They say this radiation doesn't leave your system for 4 days - meaning Friday - I don't actually feel anything from it.
Of course, the hardest part of all of this is waiting for the prognosis - who wants to hear bad news? But then again, who wants to not hear what's going on and attempt to act like nothing's happening?

Out of all the whacky, crazy and violent news that is all over the net, I found the story about the kids filling sandbags to save their town of Fargo to be inspiring. The story says that normally, the city would have asked college students to do the job in such a situation, but it's spring break for them and they are apparently not there. Hope their efforts save the town from a flooding disaster.

On the homefront, the days are ticking away until I will, unfortunately, have to evict the non-paying tenant. He is unemployed and though I sympathize with his situation, I have a situation that is rapidly going to deteriorate as the days get warmer and we start having to run the AC in the afternoons - and eventually - all day and night long. I have to have that money to pay for that. Fully one tenant's monthly payment during the summer goes to paying the electric bill.

The people in the trailer are giving me $25 per week, but that is also going up as they are running the AC in that thing during the afternoons - and then again - all day and night long for as long as they are during the summer as well. I calculated about $100 per month just to cool that thing plus the other usage of water, laundry and showers. A bit of uncertainty ahead with all of this and what I'm going to end up with in my pocket concerning tenant monies. I need that guy out of there before the end of the month if I'm to receive no further money from him, I think he has that figured out at this point.

So that's it. 3 day work week and then another weekend arrives already.


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