Saturday, May 1, 2010


As the anti-immigration hysteria and hype rises, so does my amusement at such. People claiming that the entire state of Arizona are full of racists and bigots. Yessirreeee, that's what we all are, so don't come here because we hate you - all of you. Heck, I even hate people that are of my own color - white - which isn't really a color but who cares?

Okay, a little humor at the expense of all these people expending energy doing all of these marches all over the country, walking out of schools, basically getting hyped up over - what? Okay, let's deal with the immigration issue, but please oh ever-loving please drop the sentiments about Arizona and it's populous being bigoted and racists. Heck, Governor Brewer even came out with an amendment to the law basically making it illegal to engage in racial profiling - which is already illegal and has been for decades.

But people don't want to listen, they hear what they want to hear. It's racist, according to them, and that's that. Well, I doubt any of these people have read this law in it's entirety - or even marginally. I know I haven't, but I'm not against it so I'm not going to waste my time. If I WERE against it, I would definitely read the law, see what it says specifically about racial profiling and make a determination from there.

Well, whatever. I went to Home Depot and spent well over an hour attempting to find all the pieces necessary to build my bio-filter while at the same time keeping the cost of it down. I managed to do both. I will be going back outside in a little bittle to hopefully fill up one of the ponds with water. I can't find my level - I don't want to fill it up and find it's not level and have to drain it out and start over again. Waste of time and water.

The filtering system itself may take some time as I have to cut a plastic grate to size - twice and put a big hole in the top side of the setup which - I really don't have the proper tools to do it with, but I will improvise somehow and git-er done.

Meanwhile, I am running 2 ads per day trying to rent the room. 3 bites so far, one guy was supposed to come over yesterday and look at it - a Craigslist no-show, big surprise there. Another guy wrote me last night, going to try calling him in a few minutes. The room isn't actually available until tomorrow.

That's it. I'm going outside to work for several hours, catchya later.

Written by the racist-bigot:

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