Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Tenant issues. Always. Lol. I had to leave a notice for the newest member of the household to not make so much freaking noise in the morning. This at the request of the Army reservist. The guy gets on a conference call with a company he is working for and talks VERY loudly and has that speaker turned up JUST as loudly.

That is done. Whatever the results are, I have no clue. All I know is that it tends to get complicated when there are 3 renters living in the house. I could probably live off of two, but the third gets me caught up plus helps to get to fixing things, replacing things, whatever needs to be done around the house.

Onto the Koi. I bought I think it was 10 small ones from a seller a while back. They all died in short order - they had been subjected to high heat in transit from NC to here. I had lost his email address but then found another one of his ads. I wrote him about the dead fish - no great loss at only $20 but I wanted to see if the dude would make good on bad fish.

Nothing at all the response I received from him. Bug off. Get a life. Go F yourself. This was from a simple statement about the dead fish. I didn't even ask him to do anything about it, ie: replace them, I just told him they had all died. This guy has a freakin' COW. I mean, talk about person who needs to get a life.........I wrote him back and told him if he's going to be that pathetic about this situation that I was going to start flagging his ads. The cows turned into whales - didn't know humans could put out anything that big, but this guy did. Told me he would SUE me if I flagged his ads!! ROFL!!!

Well, I will take it further than that. His business ethics being questionable at best (if it were me selling the fish, I would have simply offered replacements), I wrote up an "re:" ad telling everyone my misadventure with this individual. I also told the guy that I doubted he had a business license or was paying taxes on the proceeds from the fish.

I haven't heard back from that one, though, I am not holding my breath, I don't really care WHAT kind of threats this guy comes up with. Sometimes, this is what you have to deal with on CL. Not for the feint of heart, I'll tell you that right now. The fish are a loss, they were $20, not like I lost hundreds, but still, I did want to see if he would offer anything.

I am trying to get the bravery up to go into Fry's electronics and buy everything I need to put together that computer system. The problem is this: I go, spend the money and then some emergency comes up and I don't have the money to deal with it. Been around the block a few times now, it seems things like to happen that way. I was also considering taking this money and paying off the 401k loan and then getting another. Why? Then I would have a couple of thousand for backup emergency funds instead of - almost nothing.

Let's say the AC went out again right now and I had to replace another $800 compressor. I could come up with the money, but it would put bills and such into "jeopardy".

I dunno. Making these decisions sometimes is very difficult. To pay off the 401k loan, I would have to wait 30 days to get another one.

Well, whatever. I'm sorta sitting on this deal until I get some peace about it one way or the other.

Work day approaches, albeit there is nothing in the truck routing system to do......



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