Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday 4/8/2011


Got up late - got dressed, skipped half of my pre-work rituals and rushed to work. Still got 10 minutes left anyway : )

A government shutdown. Will it happen or not? I will certainly looking at the news on and off today to see what's going on with that mess. I heard one Democratic senator give and excuse yesterday as to why they didn't bother to pass a budget when then they had a super majority: they were too busy with the healthcare bill and other measures to have to bother with the budget.

Yes, well I'll bet they're kicking themselves now.

Umm, well limited time here. On the crisps of the weekend, I am paying for the taxes to be done and getting it sent through today. Either heading downtown Phoenix after work today or Monday for the fire investigator's report. Proof the fire even occured apparently must be included with the tax information. They called yesterday and said it was ready. That's a whole lot faster than what I was prepared for: up to 45 days it said online. $1.30 for the report, the only bummer is driving to downtown Phoenix to get it.

Oh well, a trip worth the time. Actually, it's not for from our main branch, if I get a chance I might even be able to stop by there on the way downtown. There isn't anything to do in the truck routing system today - but - the AC went on the semi 3 days ago and I don't drive vehicles without air conditioning in the summer time - which isn't too far away.

Call me spoiled, but when it's 110 degrees outside, imagine what it feels like in an un-air conditioned vehicle. Been there, done that, not interested. I insisted this thing get pushed up the priority ladder as I didn't want this problem existing if it's "only" 90 degrees outside. Still QUITE warm inside of a vehicle without AC.

I didn't think he would be so cheap. I can't comment on it on a public venue, so I won't. Just a bit unnerving a particular situation that I don't want to discuss in case there are certain eyeballs that may have found this page.....

Ummm, that's it. No great plans for the weekend, I usually don't have any, but I do have Monday off. I had to take a vacation day before the end of the month, I left it up to the powers that be which day would work best for them: Any Friday this month or any Monday so that I get a 3 day weekend. I didn't care which, honestly, and Monday actually works better - don't have a Monday work day? Indeed.

Next month I am taking 3 days off for Caleb's graduation: my dad is showing up the day before and I will have to transport him around that day, the day of the graduation which STARTS at 7:00 pm (kinda late, but I think the reasoning is that it will be warm by then, better to do it after sundown since it's probably an outside affair), and then take him back to the bus stop the next morning. That requires taking those days off - which will be worth it to see my dad.

Well, my time is up, time to get offa here.



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