Sunday, April 10, 2011

Saturday 4/9/2011

So, yesterday I paid for the service and am waiting for them to review it and then print out the 2007 tax form and send it in. On Monday, I will head down to the fire department administration building to pick up the copy of the fire report. This "proves" that my house burned down. I have pics as well of the extensive damage to the structure. Send it to the IRS and wait for - all H.... to break loose, I am sure. I do not like the IRS, I do not like the way they treat people and I most certainly do not like the one-sided advantage that they have over taxpayers.

It's the federal government, how are you going to win against them if you have a valid argument but don't have unlimited resources as they do to take you to court and win whatever judgment they want if it goes that far? Why can I go back only 3 years to claim taxes but they can go back - at least 7? Why does a taxpayer have to pay penalties and interest but the IRS does not?

What I DID do was spend the extra $50 to have that company represent me if there is, indeed, an audit. Money well spent, I will say, for the peace of mind of having some kind of help against the IRS if the help is needed. That extra $50 also gets a tax person to look over the return and make sure that it's good to go. Allegedly they have a 24 hour turn around time. I saw on the news the other day that the IRS is extending the deadline to the 18th because of some "local" holiday. Well whatever, I hope I don't even need that extra time.

Umm, timed out on this one yesterday, just posting it as is.



  1. I don't envy you. Other than just the basic and understandable upset over the consequences of the fire, is there a reason why you did not file returns or an extension for years?

    You are right, they don't like to be ignored. And the power they have over citizens is way out of proportion to anything envisioned by our founding fathers. As Harpo often says, it is used as a tool to manipulate behavior, which is unconscionable to many.

    So, good luck.

  2. I also use a tax advisor/assesor. The one time I didn't, I ended up having to pay back taxes... with the assesor I get good returns and his cost just gets taken off of that. It's a win/win for me! Besides, going through them I have a later deadline (but I get my paperwork to them by March every year).


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