Saturday, May 21, 2011

Saturday 5/21/2011

There has been more hype about this "Judgment Day" thing than anything else going on! Radio talk show hosts have been mocking that guy for days (Camp, the dude that came up with this thing), people are proclaiming party time today and tomorrow, sort of a mockery.

Regardless, I am starting to feel an inkling better. Apparently takes a while for a drug that is giving you a bad time in your system to move on out.

Now I wish the pond liner were here, I could probably find enough energy to get it all done this weekend. Instead, I have several plants that have outgrown their pots. When I say that, I mean the roots are outside the bottom of the pots and growing all over the sides of them as well. They started falling over this week with the weight of extremely large leaves basically causing it to fall over. Didn't really want to get into repotting things this weekend, but I have no choice. It's that or they die off. I really don't want to lose my Taro, so, I'll go to the trouble.

Caleb had his final exams this week and from the report he gave, he passed with flying colors. So there you go. Good job and this coming week is going to be a hailstorm of activity related to such.

Well, I started writing this 10 hours ago and set it aside.

The day is done for me, I am getting sleepy and I am heading to the bedroom.


God bless you.



Anonymous said...

Heard on the radio on the way to work today:
"Were you one of the people who believe that Judgment Day was going to be on Saturday? Don't be discouraged, it isn't the end of the world". A dumb joke, yes, but oddly humorous, guess it must be the time of day, lol.

2 day work week this week and then off - from Tuesday afternoon until Tuesday morning next week. Not a lazy 6 days off, either, at least not Wednesday through Friday. I figure the weekend and the holiday on Monday are good time to recuperate from what may turn out to be an ordeal with the family, who knows.

I still haven't figured out what to get my son for both a birthday present (tomorrow) and a graduation present (Thursday). I think he's off of school for the summer. Of course, he is going to the Salvation Army thing for almost 2 months and then his employer has not only told him he will have a job when he comes back, but that they are going to promote him to cashier's position, which makes more money and probably a bit "funner" to do than pushing around shopping carts all over the place.

Which reminds me, Fry's Food Stores, the location at 48th Street and Baseline in Tempe, Arizona. Threw all that in there cause' I know those people have some sort of search going on to find comments about their stores. Lol. I went there yesterday and saw what out front of the store? Trash. Lots and lots of trash. Papers, bags and the trash receptacle overflowing with trash. Junk in the carts and on the ground? Hundreds of cigarette butts. I took pics of it with my camera phone and was going to send them to corporate - but - I couldn't insert pics into the communication thing they use to send them comments.

Anonymous said...

Just what you want to see when you are about to walk into a store - a semi-landfill on the sidewalk in front of the store. I guess I think they would take a bit more pride and show a bit more respect towards their customers in making sure they have a clean environment. Certainly, I don't see that kind of junk laying around at other Fry's Food Stores locations.

Just throwing that out there. I have given that grocery chain a bad rap in this particular blog, deservedly so. Between the meat dude that wanted to get into a fist fight; the store advertising loss leaders that they didn't have in stock when you went to buy it (especially meats); and the unbelievably BAD "service" you get at the self-checkouts, yes, I have written a few negative things about that store. Now? They have yet ANOTHER general manager in that store. Is that the fourth one now?

Oh, when you do a search: Fry's Food Stores Piss Poor - you will find my blog entry right at the top : ) Yes, that makes me smile, since I have gone through years of crappy service at that particular store. It has gotten a bit better. For example, the other day I was in there and the stupid self-serve checkout made me wait for an attendant, again, even though I didn't ask for an attendant and didn't NEED an attendant.

A kid was up there at the screen, not doing anything. I mean kid as in something like a 17 year old with the customer service garb on, obviously an employee of the store. I just stood there, waiting for him to do something. He did NOTHING. Finally, another employee - one that knows me at this point - came up to the screen, brushed the kid out of the way saying "excuuuuse me, we need to get this moving here", and got right to dealing with the stalled process on my checking myself out.

I could say it was a good experience, but - why was that kid just standing there, doing nothing? He was - totally clueless.

Whatever. As I have said a few times now, I do MUCH less shopping at Fry's than what I used to and go to Walmart or other grocery chains that are having sales. That's my way of "protesting", even though I know Fry's couldn't care less where I shop. It's okay, I save more money that way by going to stores with sales on things I need. Still, it would be far easier just to do all of it at one place.......

Time to get on the clock - going up into yet another mine today, one I haven't been in yet. Might click a few photos if there are any worth clicking, this mine is in Superior, AZ.



Fijufic said...

Judgement day didn't come for too many of us. Boy they sure did get it in Missouri...

BenB said...

Oh, yeah, that was terrible to see all of that destruction!! It may not be the official judgment day, but there certainly is a lot of naturally caused mayhem going on on this earth right now!

Well it's almost 3 pm and I haven't heard from the manager about a run for tomorrow, so I'm going to assume that it isn't go...