Saturday, May 7, 2011

Saturday 5/7/2011

Last night, just before going to bed, I left a nice message for everyone out on the kitchen island counter. In 36 point type, bold and underlined, the title of the message is: FINAL NOTICE.

You see, on Wednesday night at 11:30 pm, someone slammed the back door so hard it woke me up out of a deep sleep and yes, I was extremely unhappy about it. In fact, I got very angry considering I have already left a note about this a week or two ago and everyone agreed to tone things down.

That same night, someone was opening and closing cabinet doors - loudly - at about 2:30 am. I went to work that next morning on about - 3 to 4 hours of sleep. Try going to work on that kind of sleep. Yeah, not fun. This notice spelled it out. If it happens again, I'm going to drag my @$$ out of bed, go out and find out who's making the noise and issue a 30 day eviction notice and I won't be changing my mind once that notice is issued.

I've been rather cranky this last week because of the noise issues and not getting enough sleep. The crankier I am, the more blunt and curt the notice will be written.

I slept in this morning is all I can further say about that situation.

Weekend. No clue. I mean, this situation with the neighbors calling the police if the air doesn't smell right is really starting to get annoying to say the least. Am I supposed to just not go to the east side of my property to make those people happy? I think not.

I did, however, find the community mediation thing online that the supervisor was referring to concerning mediation with neighbors to try and work out the issues. It isn't what the officer said it was and it would entail a 2 to 3 hours "meeting" with the neighbors and a mediator. I have serious doubts that they would even agree to try it, number one and number two I doubt anything would be worked out. I'm just waiting for them to call the cops again and having the cops come over here giving me a hard time. I'm simply going to video all of it, call the headquarters while the police are here and if i have to, call the news. The police should really be giving THEM a hard time for excessively calling the cops. The last time they were here, those people made up a completely fabricated story.

Isn't it strange? There is a drought in Texas but the Mississippi is over-flooding and threatening a lot of homes. One place in the US has too much water, another place doesn't have near enough. I believe we are still in a drought - too - but it's been going on for a long, long time and the water conservation officials have been dealing with this problem for quite a long time now. Yes, I just checked it, almost our entire state has some kind of water deficiency, ranging from abnormally dry to extreme drought, the only thing we don't have is the highest level of "exceptional".

The entire state of Texas is in some form of drought, with a large percentage of it being either extreme or exceptional. No wonder the governor was asking people to pray.

It brings back the stories of rain when I was travelling the US with that missionary group. I can remember on several occasions that places we were going to were in the middle of a drought. Rain followed us everywhere we went. It was absurd. I mean, places that hadn't had rain in months would get days and days worth. We would arrive and I would always start talking to the locals. Once place in particular was full of farmland and the farmers were afraid they were going to lose their crops. I informed them that it would start raining within a couple of days and they would have more water than they knew what to do with.

There was no rain in the forecast and it hadn't rained there in something like 2 months. The skies were clear, no clouds, there wasn't a hint of rain. But I knew it was coming. It always came. They didn't know what to think of my statements. Older gentlemen standing there scratching their heads. I just told them to prepare for a lot of water falling from the skies, cause' it was going to happen.

2 days later, it began raining. A week later, the rain had not subsided. It REALLY made our missionary ventures quite - unappealing - at times because everything we did was outside. Those farmers came back and started attending our meetings. They thanked me for the rain, of which I could hardly take credit for. I had to inform them that the good Lord causes it to rain on the just and unjust alike, thank Him and of course - yet another opportunity to speak about the goodness of our Lord.

That was hardly the only place we went where rain arrived with us - in fact - literally - it just followed us everywhere.

Anyway, that governor has the right idea: pray!! Fast and pray.

Well, I just went to the store and got my first haul of 11 pounds of ground beef at $1.47 per pound. I intend on getting at least 50 pounds of it. It comes in family packs and you can only get 2 per visit, but I have until Tuesday. I'm going to divide them up into approximate 1 pound portions and freeze most of it.



  1. our farmers are also crying for rain. We are having an amazing dry spell and now summer temps with dry winds....very odd. Brush fire warnings out in some parts. And this week night frost, causing lots of crops to freeze... not good.

    I still wonder why you don't finally move out of that neighborhood!

  2. There's a fire alert here, too.
    The question would be, where would I move to? Houses are in short supply for rent, probably not too many of them would be interested in 4 dogs and ponds. Well, if i didn't dig out the ground, I don't know that they would care about the ponds. The point is, I would have to short-sale this house, move into a rental and probably - live in a rental the rest of my life. I have come to the determination that, at least for now - living here and owning the property is better than living in a rental forever.

  3. maybe you can move into that "guest" house where you got the free Koi! lol

    There must be some good priced homes perhaps a bit outside of the city. May mean a longer drive to work but in the long run worth it.


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