Sunday, June 19, 2011

I got an email just a few minutes ago.
My son.
He didn't want to discuss the dead dog - which I don't blame him, I had just written him an email about it since that dog has been in the house since he was 8 years old. He wished me a happy Father's day, said all campers had "been saved" and that he only got a half day off today and it was almost over.

I was happy to get a few lines from him. A short phone call would have been a bit nicer, but I'll take what I can get. Umm, I will say that even when I was traipsing around the country as a missionary, I still called my mother once a week. I got a hold of my dad whenever I could. Call me a momma's boy, but I think it important to stay in contact with whatever family that wants to stay in contact with you. I could not, however, call from Mexico so there were extended periods when I couldn't call home. There was also a lot of problems I found out later that were created by it.

My oldest brother, at one point in time, was very upset with me at a Christmas get-together because his company didn't know where I was and had their "people" out searching for me. This made no sense to me, whatsoever. I had absolutely nothing to do with that company, had never worked for them and therefore had no clue what he was talking about.

The time in reference was a period of an extended period of travelling around Mexico, preaching, where only a few individuals that I knew had a semblance of the general area I was in. I wasn't trying to isolate myself, the circumstances extended themselves to cause that situation to be created. They were, apparently, attempting to find me IN Mexico. Lol. If they had found me, what were they going to do? Tell me to go back to America? I would have told them to bug off.

I don't know how they would have found me. I was in areas without electricity, telephones, cellphones, even running water.

Frankly, I loved those periods of my life doing things like that and I really want to get back into it.

You don't think that I am starting to go back to church again for a calculated reason? My missionary days and the days of doing some fairly wild stuff through the church locally has me longing for such again. I am leading a rather boring existence and it's time to change that. I will undoubtedly be going to church on Wednesday for the special guest speaker. I believe in current day prophecy, mostly because I have operated in such and have seen such first hand.

I have 2 completely conflicting things going on inside of me and it's a battle, to say for sure. It's all about church and the things that happened and the thing that wants to happen in my current attempt to get back into the mainstream of things.

I'm just saying that I am dealing with a great, internal conflict.

The ending of that conflict? Well I'm not there yet. But it should be an interesting ride, if nothing else!


  1. Monday

    I was speaking rather loudly 2 nights ago with Lynnette, in my kitchen, about a particular tenant that has decided that paying as much as a month late is, somehow, acceptable. I received half the month's later on that night : )

    The, uhhh, weather isn't helping with getting these fires out. High winds are never a good thing when it comes to fires.

    Just buzzing around here, I am slowly coming to the idea/conclusion that I might go to the special church service on Wednesday.

    The end of next week brings a 3 day weekend. I am still attempting to decide what, if anything, I want to do for a vacation this year. Even if I do nothing, I am still going to take a week off, either in July or August, the best time of year to get off of work and either stay inside with AC on or get out of town.

    That's it. I am going to read the news and see if anything interesting shows up, such as Governor Perry's quest to get into the presidential race. I don't see "The" contender needed out there to get Obama out. Chris Christie would be my first choice, but he was on yet another show on Sunday stating that he didn't feel he was ready for it yet. Maybe, but the nation needs someone like him to get this out of control spending spree under control.

    Whatever the case, there is an order in the truck routing system, meaning something to do this morning and that's a good thing.



  2. Ben,

    I view church as a hospital for sinners. I am not sick. I can see the merits of going to church although you come to church with me relatively often. You can find me in "Church" at the beach or in the woods. God's wonder is all around and in those moments I am grateful.


  3. Hiya Bobby
    I guess I see church as a bit more than just a place for sinners to come and get saved. Yes, that is part of it, but only a small part. I can definitely connect with you on the great outdoors as being a giant church in itself, though. I have always found my connection with God to be much stronger when up in the forested mountains than any place else, including being at church. I'm sorta also looking for a like-minded lady, I don't think I'll find what I"m looking for in a bar or a casino and I just like being around other believers.

  4. Bobby, it is also giving public witness to your faith.


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