Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Fry's Food Stores - Baseline and 48th Street Tempe, AZ

I was in there today. I have BEEN in that store hundreds of times - a conservative estimate to say the least.
I have written a dozen entries in this blog - at least - about their piss-poor customer service which relate mostly to some serious attitudinal problems and/or negation of duties in not performing functions that are a fundamental part of showing customers that you care. More like: you could care less whether the customer is happy or not and while you're at it, thumb it in your face. THIS is the kind of service I have come to expect at Fry's, at least the on at the location listed in the title to the entry.

So, I think it only fair - if only once, lol - to give a few kudos on a day when I go in there and get some great treatment. First off is the lady that was standing at the entrance. She is an older gal, guessing in her 60's - maybe 50's (I freely admit I am not the greatest judge of age). She has been working there since I started going to that store, well probably a lot longer than that I am guessing - which has been going on 8 years now. \

She used to scowl at me whenever I came in the store or went out. I just brushed it off: I did not go in there to make friends or have a social engagement, though I am not opposed to it - but if they want to be friendly I can talk with most people about anything or nothing at all and enjoy myself doing it. Well, they changed a few minor things around at the entrance, I was looking for the new ad and found it on a table she had set up with free coffee. She came up asking me if I was looking for the new ad before I had picked one up.

Yes, thanks, I found them laying here. This is the first conversation I have EVER had with that lady. She started going over the ad with me to see what was in there. Half gallons of milk on sale for 75 cents (GREAT deal!). Chicken breast on sale for 88 cents a pound (another great deal!). She then offered me a coffee. Who am I to turn down coffee? Decaf, though, since it was afternoon. We talked a bit more and I headed into the store.

The guy that wanted to get into a fist-fight with me - the big black dude that works in the meat department - well he's still working there. I mostly steer clear of him, not because I am afraid of him but because I am not interested in a useless, waste-of-time confrontation with a person that has ......... issues. I have smiled at him recently to try and break the ice - no avail - but I keep trying. It's the Christian thing to do, yes? I am not saying anything happened there today, I just went by and instead, another meat department worker greeted me, so, I greeted him back.

So, I got everything I went in there for, a hand basket-full and headed to the self-service checkout. If there is anything in that store that has given me more trouble and problems, it's idle workers who are not paying attention to the customers checking themselves out in not dealing with the "wait-a-minute-while-the-screen-puts-you-on-hold-and-yes-you-are-screwed-until-an-attendant-helps-you" checkout computer.

The particular lady working the self checkouts was definitely paying attention today. I didn't have to wait for the inevitable "an assistant has been called to help" screen that comes up, even though you didn't CALL or ASK for an assistant's help. She took care of those screens immediately. I got done, paid for it and then started scrutinizing my receipt. I don't care what kind of store you are at, you should always look at the receipt and make sure you haven't been over-charged for something.

Sure enough, a package of chicken that was on sale - which should have charged me a bit less than $3? I had been charged over $8 for. I never, EVER pay that much money for one package of chicken, ever. If it ain't on sale, I ain't buying it. The price I had been charged wasn't anywhere on the packaging - which showed 3 different prices. So, I walked into the hornet's nest, hoping not to get stung cause' this woman has never liked me, either, and asked her to check the price and my receipt. I KINDLY asked her to do so, laid back, chill, all that new age terminology.

She got a genuine smile on her face and said, "Sure, I'll be happy to do that for you". She was as mystified as I was at the price I had been charged since it did not correlate with any of the prices that were on the package. Instead of telling me to go to customer service - which they always do - she took care of it herself. I got the difference back between what I should have been charged and what was charged.

Now, Fry's has a policy: It's free if it's under $5.00 or you get a gift card if it's over when a scanning error takes places. In reality, I should have gotten all the money I paid for it back. I didn't push the issue this time, normally I definitely would have asked for it, but since the general tones of my visit to the store today was a positive one, I didn't want to get out of that mode and start in on what I should have gotten back per the store's policy - so I let it go.

Oh, the front of the store wasn't all trashed out today, either. I have found out that this particular store is used as a training grounds for managers - general managers - I have seen 4 come and go, minus the 1 that is in there - since I started keeping track.

Anyway, that's my visit to Fry's today.

As for church tonight? Undecided. I don't really feel like going. Not that I won't, but I don't want to stay up late. They go on too long for me for a weeknight. It's a special guest speaker, a minister from a church in Tennessee. About 6:30 I guess I will have to make a decision. Lol.




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  2. well first of all it is self check outs so most of
    the people that check out there don't know what they are doing and they always assume it is the cashier pay attention not that difficult to read the screen and this guy must not work to much time on his hands

  3. Hmmm. Do you know how to write a complete sentence? Self checkout is impossible if the software that runs it is completely at the mercy of a person that is paying absolutely no attention to what is going on with it. If the software comes up and says "an attendant has been notified to help you", notwithstanding the fact that a an attendant was never asked for and the software had an issue with - whatever - there is nothing you can do but wait for the attendant to clear the screen.
    If the attendant is paying attention, the screen is cleared - NO QUESTIONS ASKED - meaning there is NOTHING the customer did to cause that screen to come up.
    If the attendant is not paying attention, or more likely - off wandering around, talking and babbling, not paying a second's worth of attention to what he or she is supposed to be doing, then you stand there and wait. Which is what I used to do until I got sick of it and decided to walk to the store manager's office, bring that individual out and show them what is going on.

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