Sunday, July 10, 2011


The kid tenant comes out a few minutes ago and makes a request. Yesterday, he says, we were in here doing whatever and the conversation got REALLY loud. I just had to work a 12 hour shift and I really need to get my sleep.

Ummm, yeah. Here's the problem: The time reference he was talking about and admitted was the time the "infraction" occurred at 2:30 pm. That's, uhhhhhh, you know, in the afternoon? Further, we were putting everything back away that we had gotten out for the exterminator's second visit. We had waited quite a while from the time the exterminator left til' the time of putting everything back away because that guy REALLY sprayed the place this time.

I hardly feel constrained, at all, to keep the "excessive" noise levels down in MID AFTERNOOON on any given day. I asked him, "well what do you want me to do, change my entire lifestyle?". Night workers have never really worked out that well here. I'm not TRYING to keep them awake, but my gosh, at that time of day, what does anyone expect? To be nice about it, I stated that I would make "somewhat" of an effort to keep the noise levels down. I wasn't promising anything concrete.

We were laughing about something, I don't remember what, that made the noise, btw.

Oh well. I can only tell tenants if they don't like it here, there are PLENTY of rooms available in the Phoenix area, you are welcomed to go find other night workers and perhaps that will work out better for you. I didn't tell him that just now, but I will if he comes out here this afternoon and starts complaining about noise in the middle of the day, noise, mind you, that would be considered at normal levels by most normal people.

I gave the Army reservist an eviction notice yesterday. Had no choice: she won't come and talk to me about her situation and that ties my hands up to have any kind of empathy for her situation at all. I can't "plan" on when I am going to receive the rent from a person that has no job and won't discuss their situation with me.

Well, not too much later on after sliding that under her bedroom door, she went to Rey's room and apparently discussed it with him. He told her to figure out WHEN she could pay up everything. That included getting out a calender and figuring out what day she would get money and when she would be able to pay up. She then came in here - here being my kitchen/dining area where I also have my computer setup - and gave me her plan of payback. It was acceptable. She was almost in tears, I mean, I'm not trying to be mean, but I have to keep the line drawn in the sand with all tenants when it comes to rent: you MUST find a way to pay it. That's because I MUST pay all the bills around here.

Back to the kid tenant, good luck to him finding another place that has had so much patience with his issues, including not having a clue, whatsoever, in how to live with other people (besides at home, with momma who does EVERYTHING for you) and leniency on rent payments, ie: when they are going to be paid versus please pay me at the beginning of the month. I have gone the rounds with him on that issue, but, he has never gone beyond the last day of any given month to "carry over" rent from one month to the next. When he moved into my house, it was a stark wake-up call. Between me and Lynnette and even a few others giving him doses of reality, I am sure it has been QUITE the learning experience for him. My world definitely does NOT revolve around HIS world and that fact has been plainly, succinctly, crystal-clearedly (not a real word, but who cares) stated, declared and unmuddingly (another non-word) been made clear to him in no uncertain terms, whatsoever.

Enough of that. I am just releasing a bit of steam, the pressure started to build up there and I try not to let things build to the blow-up proportion. Besides, I have church this morning, I'm not going to let something like that rattle my attitude going in there, because honestly, if I thought I had an attitude I wouldn't even bother going to church. No point in ruining the atmosphere for everyone else.

I found a dentist down the street from my work that takes payments and gives zero percent interest. My 2 front teeth are chipped. I had them repaired years ago, the repair lasted something like 6 months - and let me tell you, those repairs were not cheap. I don't know if it exists, but I would like some kind of warranty with any kind of repair done on them this time. I can't go around looking for women with chipped teeth, pretty unappealing.

Anyway, church starts in about an hour and yes, I am going today, but it means I better get moving. Take a shower, all that good stuff.




  1. Monday

    Smugness. That's all I could see in a panel of the leaders in Washington sitting around a table with Obama, the whole lot of them. At least I don't have to see Pelosi's face on the front page of the news every single day. Obama wants a 4 trillion tax cut, GREAT, but he wants to raise taxes to get part of it! BUG OFF!!

    On a lighter note, it is raining! It hasn't rained here in a LONG time and it couldn't have come at a better time. All that dust that blew in from that "Habub" last week is still all over the place. A nice, soaking rain will wash it all away - or at least off of my property.

    The drawback to rain, the only real drawback is workwise. Construction sites often shut down when the conditions get too muddy. Municipalities do not want all that stuff tracked out onto the roads and they will insist in some cases that a particular site be shut down until the water dries up a bit.

    It's quite amazing how all of a sudden, back to the original statement, Democrats seemingly WANT a HUGE reduction in the nation's debt. Remember that it was the Conservative side of the aisle that initially brought up the demand to reduce the debt. Dems are always playing trickery with words, attempting to make it look like the GOP are the "bad guys" by backing off of their original 4 trillion demand.

    But what isn't really being stated so loudly is the fact that the Dems absolulely refuse to allow anything to even lightly touch their little (more like giant black holes) pigs known as entitlement programs. It's common knowledge that the Social Security program needs to be overhauled. Again, I have stated it several times, since they are going to have to do this eventually, sooner or later, and since it's probably going to have to happen within my lifetime, I would FAR rather they get this over with NOW, come what may, and let us all get into some kind of position to try and deal with it.

    I read financial experts all the time online. All kinds of them. There may be a lot of different opinions amongst them about the nation's economy and what to do to fix it, but I haven't read any of them that disagree on the fact that Americans are saving far too little for retirement. In many cases, not saving anything at all.

  2. One of them came up with some numbers that really blew me away the other day. It was a must read for me. It was showing how much you will need to just be by - bare bones minimum - and how much you would have to have saved to be able to do it. And THAT isn't any kind of life at all, that's just existing, not actually doing anything in your alleged Golden Years.

    I don't want to be broke when I am 60 something years old, and for that cause', I have decided to go ahead and start saving 3 more percent in a savings account. No, not putting it into my retirement account, I have 5% going in there and though I may up it to 6%, with the unpredictability of the stock market, I want some money going somewhere else that I have more control over.

    That savings will start next month, when I get my pay raise. The raise will simply go to savings, not my checking account. I am working on getting the information I need to get the taxes done and the money realized from that endeavor, at least half of it will also go into a savings account.

    Of course, this may be short-lived if the economy goes back into a recession as many are predicting and jobs cuts start coming on the horizon again. I put all of my 401k savings into a guaranteed fund for now. It doesn't yield as much as keeping it in the aggressive mode I had it in, but it's guaranteed.

    Whatever. Life goes on. The diet/fat loss contest starts today, but not officially until after everyone that is participating gets the amount of fat on their bodies calculated. They actually got a pair of those calipers that measure fat for this deal. I intend on going full out with this thing - it's a contest and I'm all over contests even if I don't win, there is no down side to losing fat and weight that I can see.

    Church yesterday: 3-1/2 hours long. I stayed for all of it. It was a special guest speaker - actually a pastor that is friend's with this church's pastor who have known each other, they stated, for over 20 years. They came to town to help this church do the community outreach, but also, of course, the pastor from the Memphis church spoke both on Wednesday and yesterday.

    My allure to him was simply that he operates in the prophetic. I am a firm believer of current-day prophetic gifts versus those that believe that that was only for the early church. But, I don't have time and really no desire to go into all of that right now, the work day is upon me and I must get offa here.




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