Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I saw in my email box this morning a reply from my new pastors: they would like to meet this evening. Well, I hoped it wasn't too late to answer the reply - it was sent yesterday evening so dunno if today will work in their schedule now or not - pastors tend to get their agendas filled up.

I love this story of 2 robbers attempting to rob a store and the store owner's Chihuahua apparently scares the robbers to the point that they go running out the door with the little dog chasing them down the street! Apparently there is a video of it as well - will have to wait until I get home from work to see that one.

Umm, whatever. That great story is overshadowed by the teenager that killed his parents with a hammer, shoved their bodies into a close and then..........had a party? Freaking monster. That's just pure evil.

Well anyway, my quest for camping gear may have paid off - I found 2 tents, used, good price. One of them they claimed they only used it once for $50, a 4-man tent. The other, same size tent, $30. The recurring theme on a lot of those ads: need to pay bills, this stuff's gotta go.

I have an appointment with an accountant this afternoon at 2 - though I am not sure if I will be off of work in time or not. I want all this junk turned into the IRS, filed, and get it processed and get the check in the mail.

Life moves on. Someone from my past - what was a kid at the time in the missionary organization I was involved with - somehow found me on Facebook and the next thing I know, I have dozens of "Friend Suggestions" coming from this guy to people I didn't know HAD FB accounts. People I haven't seen or even talked to in at least 2 decades. A couple of the suggestions, however, are cancelled. There is one individual that I will have nothing to do with and certainly, I won't be having him as a friend on any venue including FB. In other words, he can go piss off. But, I have already gone into that dude, what he did and the ensuing aftermath, I don't feel like going into all of that again here. I don't have that much time anyway, lol.

It will be interesting to see if any of these people want to get into any kind of conversation and maybe find out what they are up to. I think a few of them are still out on the mission field after all of these years.

Well, whatever. This entry is done, work day is here, plenty to keep me busy all day long - thankfully - later.


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