Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wednesday 7/6/2011


Well I didn't expect that dust storm last night to make national news, but some of the pics they have of it are totally awesome! One pic makes it look more like giant waves of water crashing down on the city more than making it look like a thick, dense dust storm.

I have seen a lot of dust storms in Phoenix, they used to be far more prevalent in the 70's, but I don't ever recall one as thick as that one. Everything on my property is covered with an almost sooty type of dust. Windows are filthy, cars are covered with such a thick layer of it you'd think they'd been hit by volcanic ash, not dust from a storm. Quite the cleanup today after I get home, I am sure.

Oh, but wait: after work today I am supposed to go look at the trailer and see if it's anything I want to get involved with.

Bath Salts. Methylenedioxypyrovalerone. Try saying that word 3 times fast without goofing up! "Designer Drugs". This stuff pops out of the woodwork. It's just incredible the stuff that is available nowadays compared to when I was a teenager. The difference, though, is that this junk coming out now can be deadly and is sending a lot of people to hospital emergency rooms. Not so much when I was a kid, it was "pure" whatever: heroine; cocaine; pot, not synthetic versions of them.

Well whatever. The stories keep coming out about all these different, new drugs that "chemists" are pumping out, just amazing what people will do to themselves in order to get high.

Anyway, I finally figured out how to unload that 12 gauge shotgun without killing anyone. It wasn't that hard, I just got a bit fearful of the thing. No, there wasn't a shell in the chamber when I was fooling with it, I made sure of that. The thing just ejects them out of the side when you want to unload it. This is the disadvantages of not growing up with guns. I will be finding a legal spot to take the thing and fire off a box worth of shells to get comfortable with shooting it.

Time's up, to work it is!



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  1. Go to and you can read pretty much EVERYTHING people use to get high and they rate it Ben...

    Not good...


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