Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thursday 11/10/11

11/11/11/ approaches - like - tomorrow.  I have given the day no more credibility or thought than any other day, but an amazing amount of people I have encountered have.  So I ask them what makes it evil - or good?  No one can answer that question, they've just "heard" about it.  I did a little looking online - there is no evidence to base even a superstition on this set of numbers - but then again, this is the stuff superstitions are made of.

If anything, I would feel it a lucky number in terms of blackjack!

The guy I bought the trailer from calls yesterday.  Good.  I still owe him $400 on the thing, he's looking for his money, I agreed to pay him by the 17th of this month.  I asked him about the AC that worked so great for him.  Yup. Will, it isn't working now.  Oh.  The fan motor must be burned out.  Oh, and by the way, you certified this thing as having no leaks, but it definitely has a leak.  The point wasn't to b**** at him about false claims or claims made that he may not have known about, the point was to see if he would bring the remaining amount owed down any.  Nope.  Well, I had already figured to eat it anyway, but it didn't hurt to at least try.

I had to order more wallpaper for the trailer.  Taking a lot more than it appeared it would.

Nothing on the neighbor front.  The people behind me who were given the ticket have done nothing to even start cleaning up that property.  I mean, on the property that has no house, there hasn't been a drop of motion towards doing anything.  This kind of situation will escalate over time.  People complain long enough, the city will eventually come and give them an ultimatum: clean it up or we will clean it up for you and then charge you for the clean up, place a lien against the property and eventually?  The city will own the property which it will undoubtedly turn around and sell at auction or under the same guise they do with the tax liens that they attach to properties.

Randy isn't speaking to me after I asked him - nicely actually - to take responsibility for his cats coming over to my property and crapping.  He instead went into a ridiculous, stupid and childish rant on if I am wanting him to shoot his cats and that since there are no leash laws for cats, it isn't his problem.  No, but there IS  a law in the books about someone else's animals coming onto other's property.  I read it myself.  That doesn't matter to him, perhaps not, but if I wanted to start catching these cats and then turning them into the pound and documenting that I caught these cats,  it might be a different story.  The person that came to take ownership of the cat would also be admitting that their feline was on my property.

But, I am not really prepared to go that far with it, well I am toying with the idea just because of the calloused replies and stupid attitudes I am getting about it.  This adults are nothing but juveniles in adult bodies.

Regardless, the work day is here and I must be off to work. Plenty to do today.



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