Monday, March 5, 2012

It Caught Up To Me

The extreme fatigue, that is.
I was dragging through the day today.  The weeks of dealing with Coco and all that went into that - well it's over but the fatigue is not.
It was good, however, to go to work today and get my mind off of the whole situation, which in turn helped me when I got home.  It usually doesn't take me very long to get over a dog, though I will never forget her of course, the emotion at least tends to dissipate quickly.
I miss her, but the grief is starting to come to a much lower dial tone at this point and that is a good thing.
I had even started to think of possibly getting another dog of the same or close to the same breed.  Catahoulas are extremely intelligent dogs and I would like to have another one.

But it might be a bit soon for that, no hurry in that department.  At the same time, they are killing dogs all over the place, especially in Maricopa County, every day, because there are more dogs up for adoption than there are homes to adopt them out to.  I got Coco and the 2 Danes off of Craigslist, but I got the little Chihuahua for Mark and Lynnette out of the pound - and that is definitely their doggy. It mostly stays in their bedroom all day long and has never been encouraged to become a part of the rest of the pack in this house, at all.  Their doings, not mine.

So, who knows.  I haven't had a puppy in decades - always just get already grown-dogs.

Umm, well whatever. Have to be at work early tomorrow, but only half an hour early.  Just gonna go to bed at the normal time and hope that I can get enough sleep to make it through tomorrow.



  1. We were without a dog in the house for 2 months after Emma passed away. Boy, were those a quiet 2 months. We couldn't stand the defeaning silence so we (K) went out and got Luke, her new Yorkie. Little small for my taste, but at least there's dog in the house again. That's a good thing. :)


  2. Hi Ben

    When we lost our much loved and healthy Golden Retriever Charlie last year (as far as I'm concerned, the Vet killed him)at 4 months old, like you, we were absolutely devastated. His fantastic breeder gave us another Golden (Cody) 3 months later.

    At the time she said "take time to grieve". I think it's 'when you're ready' to open your heart and have another beautiful dog enter your life.

    Coco will always be in your heart, the same as Charlie is to us and you'll never forget her.

    I also agree with 'S' above, a home does get awfully quiet.

    Western Australia

  3. Scott, of course I already have 2 doggies in the house and they are very loving animals - but definitely not deafening silence with them around here, lol.

    Lynne: I have 2 large, dumb doggies, having the third, smart doggy around was sort of the equalizer. Those 2 are approaching the age of 8 years old and Great Danes expected life span is listed at 8 to 10 years, though some say up to 12 and a few say on special diets you can get even more out of them. They are both healthy dogs, but so was Coco. She went down, fast. I mean, 3 weeks from healthy to dead is pretty fast as far as I'm concerned.
    Anyway, I will probably get another dog, but it will have to be the "right" one and in that scenario, I am in no huge hurry.


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