Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Roof

Freaking trailer roof.
Endless job.
Took forever to get the old screws out of the roof to remove the vent. They get filled up with sealant and you have to push down hard on the tool to try and force enough sealant out of the slot to get the tool into it to turn the screw out of there.  24 screws.

Now?  The grinder I bought was admittedly a cheap piece of junk: brand new junk off of Harbor Freight shelves.  Problem?  It heats up in about 2 minutes to the point you have to shut if off, let it cool off for 20 or 30 minutes and then resume. It's half done at this point, using it to clean all the old sealant off of the metal down to the metal.

Trying to at least get it all cleaned up by the end of today and then maybe tomorrow put the new vent on it.

Another card came in the mail today, just a few minutes ago.  It was a card from my regular veterinarian.  They had been notified of Coco's demise.  They sent me a very nice card and everyone that works there signed it.  Actually, I had stopped using them some years ago for no more reason than the other place I normally go to is closer. But, the closer place is much more expensive - and getting a personal, hand written card from a vet? I'll be going there from now on.  The emergency clinic I took Coco to last Saturday called yesterday and left a message: her ashes are ready to be picked up.

Those will have to sit around her for a few months until I get the trailer up to my mom's property - that is the area where I want to spread them.  Not anywhere on the property she uses or walks around on, but on the unused portion of the property and on the Tonto National Forest floor - which is adjacent to her property.  I dunno.  I might make a trip up there just to do that.  I don't really want it sitting around here forever, but if I put it somewhere out of sight, it will be "out of mind".

It's a beautiful day out.  Perfect temperature.  I remind myself to get out there and enjoy it because soon? It's going to be very, very hot out there.

Long interlude.  Done for the day.




  1. I looked at Harbor Freight tools years ago and decided against them for that very reason. They're just low priced junk.

    I had my two dogs cremated and I have the ashes in nice wooden boxes. Some day maybe I'll spread them, or maybe along with mine with my time comes.


  2. Yes, they are low priced junk but I only needed the thing for this roof project and after that I don't care what happens with it. It has worked so far, but I still have some left to go. The motor heats up REALLY fast and you have to shut it off frequently to let it cool down.
    I didn't opt for the wooden boxes cause they wanted so much more money for them. I had no intention of keeping her ashes around so I just got the cheapest, plastic container they had.


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