Saturday, March 10, 2012

Saturday 3/10/2012

I believe I have found the dog.
I have done a lot of searching on the internet that last couple of days, including daily searches that county shelters - there are 2 of them in the Phoenix area.  I found a Catahoula that was absolutely gorgeous - but 8 years old!  Who would get rid of their 8 year old dog?    I don't know, but I was looking for something much younger, at least figure to have a number of good years with it before the inevitable, starting off at 8 years, who knows.

Anyway, I am going to meet the dog tomorrow afternoon.  It's a private shelter.  The people running it have a farm, basically and apparently have all KINDS of animals there.   Got into a conversation with the person running it, no real requirements excepting the following:  Do you have cats?  NO, not a cat lover here.  Good, she replies, because this dog doesn't like cats, either.  She apparently doesn't do cat rescues, lol, as she stated she doesn't like cats at all.

I don't know what it is about cats, you either love them or hate them, there doesn't seem to be much middle ground.  I find them to be very detached animals that only want to come around when it's time to eat and pretty much stay up all night long, making noise around the neighborhood and getting in to cat fights.  I'm sure cat lovers will tell me something different - but I grew up with cats and I just got to the point that I didn't much care for them and would much rather have a dog any day of the week.

Well, the dog is blind in one eye.  Which doesn't bother me as long as the dog has one good working eye, who cares.  From the pics, you can't TELL the dog is blind in which ever eyes.  The dog appears to be pure Catahoula.  The description states that it is very loyal and will follow you everywhere you go - yup, the same as Coco was.  That dog followed me EVERYWHERE when I was home.

Well, that's tomorrow, so on to other things.  Which there ain't much more.  I am still pretty beat and though I have great aspirations to get some projects finished around here, I am just not sure that's going to happen this weekend.  We'll see.  It's only 8:00am right now, I usually wait til' late morning before I start on anything major if I'm going to get started at all.

Well, I am going to do the basic stuff around here at the very least.  All the plants need watering - I cannot get a break, no rain since last year and no sign of any coming.  My water bills are down during the winter months regardless just because the heat of summer isn't sucking the water right out of the ground, but I am stil having to water everything a couple of times a week - growing season is here already and I am also going to spray Miracle Grow on everything as well.

Hmmm, some weeds need pulling as well.  Lots of fun there.  I also found a tree sapling growing behind another tree yesterday.  It is not the same type of tree it is growing next to, which is one of the Sissoo trees.  It appears to be a Chinese Elm, which I have planted elsewhere on the property.  I am going to soak the ground nicely around it and dig it up and plant it in a planter and see if I can get it to grow.  I can't leave it where it is, it will interfere with the Sissoo eventually and one or the other will have to go.

Whatever the case, the day is not getting any younger, fried potatoes, bacon and eggs cooking and soon a breakfast then after that, get outside and get something done.




  1. Good luck with the new pooch. Imagine how happy he'll be in a home of his own with someone to love him. :)


  2. Thanks, Scott. I don't have the dog yet, but I hope to come home with her tomorrow!


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