Monday, May 21, 2012

Exchanged Direct TV receivers with the guy in a parking lot - some 15 miles from here.  Not the end of the world excepting he had just gotten off work and wanted to meet "now".  He backed off a bit when I told him I was 20 minutes away and couldn't get there any quicker.  At least the guy was congenial when we finally met up.  I have no idea if this one is going to work or not and frankly, I am not going to try right now.  IN fact, I am not going to mess around with it until I get it up to mom's property as the card for it is up there, not down here.

I also received my new pond pump today.  That was some FAST shipping and this pump is far better than the one I had in the pond it is going into. That one bit the dust.  Lasted 2 years running 24 hours a day so I am not going to complain about it, but the intake housing design is flawed at best.  It gets clogged up too easily because of a very narrow housing. The one I got today has a very long and wide housing, takes much longer to clog this one up.

Now if I just had the energy to go out there and do all of that.  I can't just dump it into the pond and plug it in, the waterfall filter has to be cleaned now and that takes some effort, to say the least.

Lol, okay, I got the energy and got it done.  I have some very nice Koi in there and I don't want them getting sick from fouled up water : )



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