Wednesday, October 3, 2012

75 minutes into the Presidential debate and I declare both candidates losers.
This is a politically-correct debate that lacks the - debate factor.  Neither candidate came out with anything new, they aren't getting into it with each to the degree I had expected and if there are undecideds, will this debate do anything to change their views?

Hope and Change have changed nothing for the better is my perspective and I thought of so many thing Romney could have come back against Obama in every single topic, yet he mostly did not do that.  I guess I hoped that this would be a defining moment for Romney, perhaps it is and I am missing it, but I don't see it.  Perhaps the people that campaign is targeting sees things I don't see - most of us have already made up our minds long ago who we are voting for - and perhaps that's why this debate is taking the tone it is.

Whatever the case, I think this is over soon and I am heading to the bedroom.  I was paying for yesterday's 13-1/2 hour day of work all day long today.  I was tired and worn out and it was like that all day long.  I was lucky to get off at 8 hours - a contractor leaving early was the culprit otherwise I would have been out at least 9 maybe 10 hours.  Overtime is great, but I have plenty for this week already.  You get too much OT and what happens.  You get into a higher tax bracket and the next thing you know, you barely get any extra money as it all goes to the federal government.  I'm still baffled at why, exactly, it is, that the federal government should get even more of my money simply because I'm breaking my back working my @$$ off and happen to work more hours?  I'm going to have to research when and why this extra tax came into existence.

Whatever the case, I'm done for today.  When Friday gets here, then I will decide whether I am going back up north or not.  I'm leaning that way, but I have been waiting for a bit cooler temps here to go ahead and plant some more replacement plants and if it comes this weekend? I'll be playing the dirt and mud out front of my house : )


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