Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Late start for the journey to Sierra Vista.
We paid for it, too.  2 accidents south of town out in the middle of nowhere on the Interstate.  Bumper to bumper traffic that went on for miles, when I got stuck in it I was thinking, gee, this isn't downtown Phoenix, what is going on here?  I get out the phone and dial 511.  2 separate accidents in 2 locations adding up to chaos on the Interstate.  I worked my way over to the far right lane, got off the freeway and took an alternate route.

I've been down the alternate route in the semi 50 times if not more.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that hardly any other traffic was moving down there as well - they were not giving detour routes on the news on the radio, they were simply saying 6 mile backup. Great.  The detour led us by a Subway and I was hungry so decided to stop and get a couple of sandwiches to go.  I walked up to the order line and a gentleman in front of me pulled out a stack of coupons and handed me one.  Another nice surprise, it was a couple for 2 subs for the price of one!  Nice folks they were - he and his wife - we got into a short conversation, I thanked him and we left with our score.

We finally got back to I-10 some 45 miles later on the alternate route and I made up for lost time.  I actually remembered how to get there - haven't been here in a couple of years now.

Walk up to the door and see my dad playing the piano and a young girl watching him.  He is a very accomplished pianist, actually. Upon walking in and after greeting him, I look around to see a man giving me a stare that I remembered from the last time we met.  I decided to greet him warmly regardless of his obvious attitude and blow him off, I wasn't there for him and neither was Caleb.

Caleb later asked, after we were alone, if that guy was the one I was referring to about the tude' from our previous visit.  Yes, indeed he is, I replied, why?  I hadn't brought the subject up to him, why give the man a moment's worth of time.  Kill him with kindness will be my motto, I suddenly decided after I saw the ego, arrogance and condescension.  If he wants to get into a discussion about whatever it is that he has issue with, I will certainly take him up on that.  Anyway, Caleb replied he saw what I was talking about.  You saw the way that guy looked at me?  Oh yeah, he replied, pretty hard not to take notice of it.

Well, we spent a good deal of time talking to dad and that is why we came down here, so no biggies.  Amazingly, that guy's wife is very nice, very gracious and very talkative to me. I don't get it.

Whatever, I am now in the hotel.  They have GREAT wi-fi here, not using the mobile broadband since wi-fi is included and is much faster than my hotspot device.

Well whatever, On a completely different note, I was at our company's main branch today, standing in the warehouse dealing with paperwork.  I hear this extremely upbeat greeting coming from down the way, it's the inside sales manager, the individual that will determine whether I get to switch to inside sales or not.  I greeted him with the same enthusiasm. He had brought his smoker with him and apparently was doing a smoked BBQ beef brisket for everyone.  I had further opportunity to speak with  him in the office, whether I get the position or not, we certainly seem to be clicking.

Walmart is just 2 miles down the road from here - if we can get over here in time to hit the 8:00pm sale.  If not, no biggies.

Well whatever, it's getting late.  We arrived late and it's now way past my bedtime - 11:00 pm, lol.


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