Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas party.
Pretty serious conversations for being a Christmas party, is what I can say about that.

I don't want to get the guy fired.  He - the dude I have been having issues with - came up to me, put out his hand and we started to talk.

He was very serious.  I mean, too serious, where was this going?  We got into the issues we've had, the attitudes, all of it and then he dropped the bombshell: If anything happens between us again, management has threatened to fire him. I just want the s*** to stop.  I have to talk to this guy on the phone frequently, we have to get along for as much communication that we have with each other.  Many times a day, I have to call various salesmen and inside salesmen to get information or ask questions about an order that is incomplete or whatever.

I spoke my mind, blunt and to the point.  When I call you, you have attitude all over your voice. You act like you are completely disinterested.  We went back and forth -civilly of course - and we came to an agreement at the end of all of it.  I really don't want to see the guy lose his job, he would have a tough time finding another one in this economy and having had been fired.  He's got a newborn  - or near newborn, wife, all that good stuff.

That conversation went on for quite a while.

Then, another conversation started with an outside salesman. Just a clearing of that air on that instance, but it was good to get it all out.

Then yet another conversation.  A counter salesman comes up and tells me how some of his customers tell him that I should be moved up in the company.  Are you serious?  First I've heard of that.  He then goes on to tell me how they take notice of my busting my ass every time I have to go to the main branch - which is quite frequently - picking up material for orders.

Well whatever.  So I'm talking with the operations manager's wife.  She's a complete opposite of him.. I mean north and south poles difference.  She doesn't want anything to do with the company, she was offered a job and flatly rejected the offer, lol.  The took my hand, put her arm around me and took me inside the house, right in front of her husband!! Yikes!!! I was very uncomfortable with that scene, of which her husband followed us in maybe a minute later.

Okay.  Awesome food. Barbeque everything and delicious.

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