Thursday, January 31, 2013

Still no word on what exactly happened in the crash with the coworker.  I was downtown earlier at the main branch - new pics posted on the break room wall of the party a while back, he was in 2 of them. A bit eerie, him standing there with his wife.  One of those things that will take a while to get used to.  His signature on the last set of transfers that he had signed off on coming over to our place; the pics on the wall; the missing pickup with the company name/logo on it; not seeing him downtown - he would always help load the truck if he was around.

Duke is much better.  Yesterday morning he could barely get up to go outside, but when I got home from work he was as close to good ole' Duke as it was going to get for only having had one day pass since the attack.

Not much else going on, I was going to go up north this weekend but Duke's injuries sort of have me playing the guessing game as to whether I actually should embark on such a course of action or just wait until another weekend comes along - though I would really like to get up there and spend a weekend in the snow and mountains.

I am going to visit the people's house with the pitbulls and discuss with them about repaying my hospital expenses.  One would hope they would see that they are liable and responsible and simply pay it back, whether all at once or in payments, I don't care, but I am definitely not the one that had 3 pitbulls running loose in a residential neighborhood.  I hear too many people telling me how pitbulls are great dogs if "raised properly".  Yes, well I haven't seen too many of them raised properly, in fact none so far.  From everything I've seen in the news and now up close and personal, they are vicious dogs that can kill both humans and animals.

Enough. I am sitting out a jobsite waiting to get some machines unloaded.  They aren't in any hurry.  I have been on overtime for this pay period since 9:30 this morning.  Meaning the rest of today and all of tomorrow are basically OT.  Couple that with 2 weeks pay for the Safe Driver Award on  my next paycheck and that check should be substantial.



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