Monday, May 27, 2013

I started this yesterday and didn't finish it, just posting it and then a new one.

No work tomorrow, then a 4 day work week, then start 9 days off of work.

That's what I'm talking about.

I have not done anything with my front pond in terms of restocking it with fish since whatever happened last summer that caused all the fish in it to die, sans the mosquito eaters which apparently can live through just about anything.  The pump died in that pond but I felt no need to replace it since there are no fish in it besides the mosquito eaters and since there ARE mosquito eaters in there, the water won't become a festering grounds for mosquitoes.

Which it hasn't.  It doesn't smell bad, either, but that's probably because I have to refill it frequently.  It goes down a couple inches, fill it back up.  But I decided it was time to get a new pump for it and then decide whether to put fish back into it - or not.  Figure to look on Craigslist and start perusing for ponds shutting down.  People either give the fish away or sell them very cheap.

What am I going to do with 9 days off?  I haven't decided.  I am still weighing a trip to LV with all the freebies I can get - or waiting until August when it is planned.  I dunno.  Tough decision.  I will undoubtedly spend a few days up north at mom's property.  She won't be there, apparently it's cold and windy up there and has been cold and windy up there since she got up there.  I called her today - wanted her to take alookit the sky - Mercury, Jupiter and Comet all aligned in a triangle formation low in the western sky, pretty cool looking and they say will be a long time before you can see that again. I dunno, it might be visible again tomorrow evening as well.

I don't mind the cold, she does.  She has to come back and get the roof on her house in Sun City replaced so I will have the place to myself  - though she is leaving me a "to-do" list while I am up there, lol.

I believe I will be going to pastor's house tomorrow where everyone has been invited to come and have Memorial Day BBQ. I have read some scathing rebukes from people who are against having BBQ's on Memorial Day, attempting to state that it defeats the purpose of the day.  Give me a break.  You can be rest assured that if I go to this BBQ, I will be bringing up the subject of past wars and the sacrifices that have been made.  There is nothing better I can think of than a group of people coming together for a celebration of the lives that our fallen-war heroes who gave it all for the freedoms we enjoy. This is not something I take lightly and for someone to pass a blanket-judgement?  Well, I can only say that I have also been guilty of such concerning other things and I was probably off on those occasions as much as these people are off on this issue.

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