Wednesday, June 5, 2013

CenturyLink's Customer Care 800 Number

If you have been having problems with CenturyLink's service - or usually lack of service - have been treated poorly on the phone by their incoming call associates and have not been able to get your situation resolved, then this is the department/division/whatever they call it within their company to call.  I am a CenturyLink customer, I would only ask that you try all other options before calling this number. But, I can ascribe that after months of having technicians coming out to "fix" the problem with my internet service - and it never getting fixed - and having Centurylink management promising me that they would once-and-for-all get the problem fixed - which it wasn't on any of those occasions - I can totally understand anyone else's desire to escalate the urgency of the situation and get with someone who can actually do something about it.

Here's the number:

Good luck!

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