Hmmm, I wrote this post but didn't post it, it ain't finished but I wrote too much to just let it sit as a draft.

So far, the corporate lady has contacted the Longview branch and found out they are just dragging their feet on it.  The branch manager made a submittal to the GM some time ago and it's just lagging.  She has not spoken to the waterworks manager in Shreveport. I expect she will be able to get that done in short order and I expect to hear some kind of answer - good or bad - in the next day or two.  So it would be nice, at least concerning Shreveport, to get a definitive answer so I can make plans - yes I am moving to Longview, or yes I am going to start submitting applications all over the place.  Simple as that.

I did not get drawn for cow elk.  I submitted my application in time, it just didn't happen.  Probably just as well, I most likely won't be living in Phoenix by the time the hunt begins.

As for her/kids.  Well today, she's all happy, lol.  So I was taking advantage of that!  Yesterday, however, I had a showdown with Josiah.  I just had had enough.  Between this obsession with this girl and not doing anything around the house even after promising? No.  I laid down the law and the teeth to it are simple: he doesn't start complying, this weekend to start with he won't be seeing his gf - at all.  That's all the compulsion I need with him.  He doesn't need any other reason though if that for some reason doesn't work, I can also take his phone away from him.  He doesn't pay for it, mom does, he can't work until he gets his license.

When he does get his license, he is not guaranteed to be able to drive yet.  If he is allowed to drive, that privilege can be immediately revoked for a variety of reasons of which will be spelled out to him at the git-go and also a disclaimer that his driving privileges can also be revoked for other reasons that were unknown beforehand.  Then there's the tracker. And then there is an app, I think, you can install on an iphone that tells a person where that person is at any time.  Oh yes, I Google, therefore I am and there are all kinds of them on there.  Some of them look better than others, the point is they are available.  I dunno if I will demand that on his phone, though.  I don't need the kid getting resentful and feeling like he can never be trusted.  I mean, there is an app that logs in all incoming cell phone calls and displays all texts.

No, I don't want to read his personal texts between him and his gf.  That is territory I am not prepared to travel into and it is none of my business, I don't really care what they are saying to each other, they are going to say what they are going to say.

Anyway, the issue came down to the fact that for almost 3 weeks now, he has done little of nothing around the house.  Virtually zero chores have been done. Okay, he moved a roll of hay out there for the cows, whoopie and big deal, it took him 10 minutes.  I know cause I watched.  Back the tractor up with this piece of machinery attached to it that folds up, has a giant hook that comes flailing down on the hay and grasps it, push the contraption under it and then pull forward, it rolls the giant roll of hay onto the thing and you can move it wherever you want.

Other than that?  When I was there a few weekends ago, his bathroom was - disgusting.  I don't mean bad, I mean DISGUSTING.  Granted he is one of four boys that uses that bathroom, but I pretty much got all over his case yesterday for living like a total slob.  His bedroom the same thing.  Well not as bad as that bathroom, it had been a long time since I had seen anything so gross and repulsive.

There were other issues as well. But the end result:  Do 6 hours of work tomorrow and Friday or you aren't going to see her.  Period.  He knew better than to start getting testy with me, so after a long pause, he replied "yes" and then "got it".  Good boy.  But there's nothing like pushing it to the limits, he texted me earlier today asking if he could go with her to her church today after the track meet, if it gets done in time?  He does track and he's pretty darn good at it too.  No, I replied, it's her turn to come to your church with mom.  But but but, she won't get her!  Not true, cause' I asked and yes, she will go get her and take her to church.

Well then he did start getting testy. I put an end to that quickly.  You don't have to see her today........Okay, okay! It's cool!  He wanted to go there to get some guitar instructions.  He didn't even know that was available until I called his gf's church to chat with the youth minister, who told me he would love to show him some stuff on the guitar.  I said cool and later on told Josiah that.  Josiah was like, huh?  I don't even know the youth pastor over there, you must have called the wrong church.  Uhhh, no, I definitely talked to the right person at the right church, you don't remember him but he remembers you distinctly.  So now, weeks later, he wants the help.  What the boy doesn't know is, that if he does go there for the instruction, I am going to call that pastor again to make sure Josiah isn't making up stories.  Josiah never needs to know that unless, of course, he's - not telling the truth!

However.......that app with the text readout would be good for the 14 year old boy who - has issues and is currently not even allowed to have a phone.


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