Saturday, April 19, 2014

The day has only gotten shittier.
The woman not only took all of my fish from the pond I am shutting down -which is what we agreed upon, but only left small fish in my other pond, NOT what we agreed on. She was here while I was gone - which I didn't care I was dealing with Prince.  I'll get over it but she took a lot more than we agreed to.  Alot of money's worth. I'll get over it and won't even say anything to her, but that in ground pond isn't going anywhere so it kinda sucked she did that.

But that's the way the world is and how we treat each other.

But then other stuff happened. Wow.  I don't think I should go into it on the WWW so I won't.  Just got out of hand.  I mean, really.

I'm bidding 4/19/2014 good bye.

And good riddance.

Would prefer not to relive a day like this on several fronts.


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  1. Ben, once your life has settled down (maybe I'm being unrealistic here {chortle}), google the following to understand this Crud that won't go away (also keep an eye on your skies: the thick white stuff is a big part of the problem): 1. chemtrails 2. nano particles 3. geo-engineering. You will get an eyeful.



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