Wednesday, March 25, 2015

I got a call today from soon to be ex-landlord. New property
owners said I could stay til' Sunday to get my stuff out of  here.
Were they being nice or did they contact the Realtor to find out
their rights? I hope the former and that they are being nice to let
me have the time I need to get everything accomplished.  I was
over at my potential new place today - the bedroom is awesome.
It's huge with a HUGE private bathroom and a very large walk-in
closet.  I find out Saturday about whether these people will actually
rent to me.

I have a bad feeling about it, to be honest.  Yes, Val got this going,
but I didn't realize that this is a much younger couple with a newborn
baby. The baby doesn't scare me, the younger couple part does.
Simply because that age realm usually likes to hang out with - the
same age realm, not a much older person.  I had my hopes up about
this place, now I don't know.  I guess I better start looking again
in case this falls through.

Early to work today, normal time getting off, busted @$$ all day
long. Felt good.  Same thing tomorrow, at least about starting
early, I was informed as delivery to be made at a place that is
1-1/2 hour drive and delivery needs to be there by 8.  Well, I'm
going to show up at 6:30 and if it gets there by 8, wonderful, if
not, oh well.  


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