Tuesday, July 7, 2015

I've had people telling me that I couldn't possibly remember something like that 30 years later, or 35, or whatever or however long.
I remember things that had no great significant impact on anyone except me for a minor thing that occurred between 2 people that never left me.
Excuse me, who dictates to me how my memory shall work? Because yours doesn't, mine shouldn't either?  Or short term memory.  There are certain - things/relationships/events/ in life where I have taught myself to pay very close attention to every word a person is saying and store those words in my memory banks.

Why? Because what they say then will change later and the entire encounter will be completely changed by their - warped memory.

And I am not a person to "only" remember the negatives.  Unlike several people I know, whose minds are huge filing cabinets - for the negative things. They can't remember any details or the good things that happen, those are forgotten.  Yes, I mean forgotten.  I don't mean skewed, I mean completely wiped clean of their memory drive, to put it in computer terms.  There are individuals I know that if you ask them the good memories of - certain people - they can either remember nothing or the list is so short, it's almost non-existent. Ask the same person of the bad memories and there is a list.  A HUGE list.

But even then, the recounting of it can be so skewed and wrangled that it represents nothing of what actually happened!

I have noticed in life - I got this a long time ago actually - that people tend to remember what they WANT to remember and the rest of the story? Changes to accommodate for it.  Which is why I try to put so much stuff in my head about the things that happen on a daily basis - well, it sometimes gives me headaches.  And hence the reason I like to write in blogs.

But whatever.  Sometimes lack of memory in individuals - specific individuals and the constant relapse of it on a daily basis - confounds me and sometimes irritates.  If you don't remember something, then don't come off saying that you do - you say, well as I remember it, though I could be wrong.....or something like that. Or I am not sure I recall this correctly, correct me if I'm wrong.

I've done that before - I'm not claiming to be a computer hard drive with unlimited memory - and I've been corrected. Rarely, but it's happened and I accepted it.

Ranting. Life.


  1. Well, the good news is that you habitually write things down as they happen, as best as you can remember them immediately afterward. That beats even the best memory.

    I do pretty much the same thing. It is a good habit.

  2. Yes, writing things down is second only to having a video or voice recording of an event. And has saved me on numerous occasions.


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