Monday, July 11, 2016

I tend to not post much when there is nothing going on.  I could post about political stuff - all day every day - but I do enough of that in political groups and debating.  It may sound like a waste of time to debate politcs with people that see things differently, but for me it is a learning experience.  You learn about anarchists, minarchist, neo-cons, democratic socialism, on and on and on.  Well you don't actually learn about it from those people debating you, you are forced to look up everything they are saying because much of what they purport is pure and utter fallacy.

I have therefore done extensive research on quite a large number of issues.  I'm not claiming to be an expert, I am claiming to be an informed citizen. The situation in Dallas has been argued to the nth degree from all sides focusing on every conceivable angle.

Anyway, I have heard nothing back from a few companies that I have applied with.  The new manager is simply a total jerk.  There really is no "nice" way to put it.  He's an @$$ and everyone that is subjected to this junk on a daily basis agrees with that.  I got back from an extended run today and it was time to go home.  He's walking through the yard talking on the phone and yells at me for my attention: Don't go home yet.  You can't leave.  Don't leave, don't leave.  WTH. He's not asking me, he's dictating to me. This is my problem with this freak.  He has no social skills, no social utterances, no requests, just demands, continually, like some sort of dictator.

I am likely going to defy him the next time he takes such a ridiculous, outrageous stance about demanding things.  You would think I had stood him up.  In his mind, probably, I have.

As far as current events.  The man's mother and grandma were here this weekend.  They're visiting as much as they can before my landlords move.  It won't be possible for them to drive that far on a weekend visit as they can now once the landlords move to Georgia.

I am intermittently sending out applications as I find places that might be a good fit.

I am working on getting the trailer sold at my mom's property in AZ.  Quite the ordeal that I don't have time to go into ... and lots of other stuff, actually, but my time is up.


Today marks day one of my manager's vacation.  I'm hoping to get a couple days off, even 3 if possible, but without asking.  I don&#...