Sunday, August 13, 2017

Final full day here.  The wedding starts at 4 eastern time today and probably will go on into the night as far as the reception goes.
Mom was exhausted last night and considering her age, I thought she did very well to be able to last as long as she did. In fact, for being in her 80's, she is doing very well indeed.

We met for for free breakfast earlier.  The golfing lady came in and sat down right next to us, so we got into yet another conversation. She is going to do some practice golfing today before the real deal starts tomorrow. I wished her good luck, she is in contention with 52 other ladies for 15 spots.  I dunno how good a golfer she is, she didn't too her own horn which I found very nice, indeed, especially in this world full of braggarts and self-exalted human gods floating around telling everyone how superior they are to everyone else.

I've had a pleasant time here.  The loud, obnoxious "neighbors" must have checked out, for I didn't hear a peep last night and I slept like a log.  I was seriously tired after a fitful night of not sleeping the night before.  Or very little sleep, anyway.  So, I got in 9 hours worth.  I'm enjoying my hotel room today, I'm going to go for a swim in a bit, have a lunch with mom a little later and then get out my wedding outfit, iron it nice and tight and get ready for the grand affair. I was contemplating going to the beach, but I suspect that would take too much of my energies away for the wedding ceremony and ensuing reception.

Caleb - isn't having a honeymoon afterwards which I found disappointing though I said nothing.  It is obvious the money situation is tight and they just couldn't afford one. From my perspective, and it's just IMO of course, but I think your wedding night should at least be a hotel stay at a fabulous resort and have the time of your life if you aren't going to do anything else.  I gave him the money I had to give him last month, it was the best I could do at $350.  Good thing I gave it to him then, I'm seriously going to be hurting after this trip lol, even trying to be frugal the expenses are adding up.  If it wasn't for Uber, it would really be costly.

Dangit. I just looked up the number of the dropped call from yesterday. It was an employer trying to contact me about a job. It was Chem-Air. They are a huge company hauling all kinds of products for various types of plant operations and such. I hope I didn't blow it, but the call kept cutting out until it totally dropped. I am pretty sure I would love to go to work for a company like that as long as the starting pay is good. Wait, this is a different job. They go around spraying chemicals out of helicopters, you pull up with a tanker filled with the chemicals they spray. The helicopter actually lands on top of the truck to refill. Pretty crazy stuff, but they are advertising a good pay package, definitely going to give them a call Monday.  I'll be back in town and I took off Tuesday as well. It makes little difference now in taking vacation time since we are stuck at 8 hours mostly and no OT.

Before, taking a vacation meant giving up the OT and taking a smaller paycheck, not anymore.

Dangit, I'm really not happy about that call dropping.  Best I can do is apologize Monday and hope that they see that I was very busy with important family stuff.

However, the tanker company across the street from work is advertising for CDL jobs.  I have no qualms going over there and at least inquiring about it.

Closing this one out to write a new one.

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