Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Mid week.
I got called out on what I had hoped would be a day off after a co worker called in for need to go see a doctor.
It was a relatively short run, 2 days, still worth around $700.  I went up to my usual parking spot next to the bowling alley, but didn't go bowling this time neither did I get a hotel room,.  The rate at that hotel goes up and down - substantially - on any given day.  There is a Days Inn on the other side of that bowling alley and looks as tho there is room for a truck to park there as well.  I haven't actually done the hotel thing in a while now on any of these runs.

That mostly due to the fact that time didn't permit.  I mostly only want to do a hotel if there is ample time to stay at it, ie: I got there early to mid afternoon (destination) the day before delivery.  I didn't really show up up there that early, as it was a later load time and it took over 3 hours to get loaded. 

Anyway, no issues on that trip.  By the time I got back to the yard yesterday, I noticed I was almost out of available hours.  Meaning I've been doing some serious running the last 8 days.  So, that forced the issue of a 34 hour reset and hence, I am home today, probably not tomorrow however.  For whatever reason, we are extremely busy and there isn't any time off being given excepting of course for the forced time off we have to take.

I suppose a 3 day run would be nice and get home to have Sunday off.  I'd really like to go to church.  I'd really also like 2 days off in a row.  I guess that's not going to happen anytime soon.  But a nice dream. 

I am currently saving for a trip to Phoenix. I haven't been there in something like 2 years.  I would like to take a look at the property - tho I know it's being maintained very nicely.  See some friends, stay with mom a couple days, see my son and visit him and his new wife at their digs in Tempe.  I've got to save up not only for a trip, but also for the days off that i won't get paid for.  But a few weeks running like I have been pretty much pays for it and then some. 

Meanwhile, taking advantage of today. I've put off store visits for a bit because - I get home from these trips and need down time.  But, you can only do that so long before the pressure of things you need to get done take precedence. Such as a hair cut, things for the truck, things for the house, groceries, etc.  So, off to the races!

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